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Off-Road Mountain Biking Adventure

Date: 2015-05-06 12:00:00 am

Off-Road Mountain Biking Adventure


off-road mountain biking Off-Road Mountain Biking in the Ozarks is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of nature. Mountain Biking Adventure is a brand new outdoor fun at the White River Valley Trail System in Branson. The trail is rugged and all off-road. If you prefer to go hiking or biking in an easy paved trail, you can try the paved Dewey Short Trail nearby. This off-road outdoor fun you will enjoy at the White River Valley Trail System is made up of 5 small loops, all stretches between one to two and a half miles in length.

All of the trails in White River Valley Trail System are superb and offers an adrenaline pumping off-road mountain biking adventure. The Red Trail in this trail system is built professionally in every way with a combination of friendly park staff, talented trail builders, and volunteer organizations. The Red loop is ideal for beginner to intermediate and may contain advanced bump outs for more adventurous mountain biking enthusiasts. The advanced bump outs in the red loop are well marked with signs and black trail markers. Other loops that connected the red loop are numbered and marked with white trail markers. The red loop offers a lot of adventure fun with fast downhill sections but with a little nominal climbing.

Between five loops of this White River Valley Trail System, you will find intermediate technical sections where new riders may prefer to hike a bike, but can easily be overcome by experienced riders. This trail looks pretty rough which make adventurous and experienced riders really thrilled to have this quality trail in town. If the Red trailhead is still under construction as of this time, you can park across Hiway 165 at the park office, and ride over a half mile to Red.

Another quality trail in the Ozarks is the Sac River Trail in Springfield, Missouri.  This trail features twisty, rocky, and solid single track that can get pretty technical for this part of Missouri. The trail is only eight miles long but you can’t ride the same section twice in a day. There are real drawbacks to this trail, and the most challenging is the mud where you need to stop every ten minutes to clean the underneath of  your fork.  But the best part of this trail is under a thick cover of trees. This trail maybe short if only it is paved, but, if you’re in this rugged area, you gotta hit hard your pedal.

If you’re fed up hitting so hard with your pedal, try a wonderful mountain biking adventure at the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. The park offers beautiful natural rock bluffs, dozens of waterfalls, tree-lined fields, and crystal clear streams teeming with brown and rainbow trout. The paved trail of the park is great for walking, hiking, horseback riding, and of course mountain biking adventure.

In most of the areas in the Ozarks region, you can find many trails that feature great outdoor fun with adrenaline pumping activity of off-road mountain biking adventure.

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