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One of the Best Places for Holiday Lights!

Date: 2014-10-31 12:00:00 am

One of the Best Places for Holiday Lights!


As Christmas is very much approaching, many people now are planning how and where to spend it, whether they’ll be contented to celebrate at home or find a perfect place that offers more fun and exciting activities. Silver Dollar City features a unique attraction in Branson that gives you a chance to spend an Old Time Christmas with your family. At Siler Dollar City, you will find exciting attractions and fabulous Holiday Lightsshows. Experiencing an Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City will show you the true meaning of the magical holiday season.

The Old Time Christmas festivities at Silver Dollar City start at the Town Square that focused a fantastic lighting display named Christmas on Main Street. In this street, you can see a huge Christmas tree equivalent to five stories high at the central point in the square. This enormous Christmas tree is decorated with 300,000 lights that make the square full of spirit of the holiday season. Colorful Christmas trees are not only seen in the Town Square – holiday lighting displays are lighting up the city everywhere. The celebration of Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City will not be complete without Christmas carols. Traditional holiday songs and Christmas carols are heard throughout the park giving visitors the chance to experience memorable Christmas melodies.

Great Christmas tunes can also be enjoyed in the amazing stage performances at the Opera House Theater in Silver Dollar City. The Opera House Theater features ‘’The Christmas Carol’’ by Charles Dickens. This fascinating musical show is performed by fourteen actors with special effects at par with Broadway Show. There is another great performance in the theater not to be missed which is the ‘’Living Nativity’’ that will take you back in time to the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.

The sleigh of Santa Claus at Silver Dollar City will mystify everyone as it proudly glides through the Holiday Light Parade. This parade features over 80,000 lights that shine so bright through the city each evening and illuminate every corner as it passes through. For some who wants to have some fun with Kris Kringle himself, the Kringles Krossing will be open for all visitors of all ages. Bring your dreams and holiday wishes right to Santa’s doorstep and take a glimpse at his top-secret sleigh riding routes.

At Silver Dollar City, there is no shortage of musical entertainment at the Old Time Christmas Festival. The Vienna Boys Choir have travelled thousands of miles to perform at Silver Dollar City and treat guests with its beautiful harmonies. With a wide array of impressive holiday selections, this 30-member choir will entertain everyone with their beautiful voices. For guests with theatrical interests, Thesbian entertainers will bring you to London streets for a great musical adventure that shows the true meaning of Christmas.

If you want to take home beautiful holiday memories that will last a lifetime, celebrate Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City that shows you the true meaning of the holiday season.


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