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Paintings, Drawings and More!

Date: 2014-09-25 12:00:00 am

Paintings, Drawings and More!


Amy’s Art at the Branson Mill Craft Village is a nice Branson shopping place that offers colorful items such as paintings, drawings, and other works of art. Amy’s Art Gift Shop has features of T-shirts, buttons, mugs, magnets, souvenir items, and other specialty items of interest. Inside Branson Mill Craft Village, you can see Artist Amy Calloway, owner of Amy’s Art demonstrating her art work inside her shop.

Inside Amy’s Art Gift Shop at the Branson Mill Craft Village, you can find many different kinds of art works made by Artist Amy Calloway. These colorful works of art at Amy’s Art Gift Shop include Street Lantern, Rose Climbers, Sunflower Personalities, Premier Night, Old Tractor, Assorted Gourds, Cat with Iris, Colorful Coleus, Fall Saplings, Family Portrait, Feline Fascination, Floor of the Forest, Newspaper Dog, and many more.

Amy’s Art at the Branson Mill Craft VillageThe Branson Mill Craft Village has other two sister stores in Oklahoma City that bear different names. One of these two in Oklahoma is The Market at Walnut Creek which provides one-stop shopping for decorating the home. Another one is The Market at Quail Springs that features a collection of different vendors showcasing various interior designs.

Branson Mill Craft Village not only offers great Branson shopping, it is also a nice shopping place offering sweet treats and delicious tastes. A newly open Gram’s Snack Shop inside Branson Mill Craft Village offers homemade fudge that features a wide selection of delicious flavors. This snack shop has got the perfect taste of creamy sweet treat to take along while strolling inside the Branson Mill Craft Village. Gram’s Snack Shop also serves other great menu items and refreshments. Gram’s have different kinds of treats to try which are constantly changing every time you stop by.

At Branson Mill Craft Village, Vasken’s Deli is another new shop offering delightful foods to visitors. Vasken’s Deli features a variety of pre-made sandwiches and other goodies. These food items are perfect for dine-in or to grab and take with you. For groups on the go and just stopping by the Branson Mill, Vasken’s Deli offers box lunches that are easily available and be taken out for your group. A bite of Vasken’s sandwich, you will know why they became favorites of the locals.

At Branson Mill, you can have the opportunity to take an art class. You can learn from artists inside the Branson Mill on classes ranging from painting to scarf making – all offered by experienced artists who call the Branson Mill Craft Village their home. Classes at Branson Mill include Scarf Making and Pottery. Pottery class is conducted one on one with Master Potter LeaAyn Shurleyand. LeaAyn offers a close individualized teaching. You have the option to choose your class hourly or purchase a package of seven two hour sessions. Master Potter LeaAyn teaches anyone from beginners to advance with classes for the potter’s wheel or hand building.

If you are looking for the best Branson shopping place that features unique works of arts, visit Amy’s Art at the Branson Mill Craft Village and enjoy sweet treats and delicious tastes in some food shops.


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