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Prepare to Fall and Ask for More!

Date: 2014-09-07 05:00:00 am

Prepare to Fall and Ask for More!


Blue Streak Fast Line & Free Fall Xpress is a unique Branson attraction that will you let you feel the adrenaline rush you’ve never experienced before. In this exciting outdoor adventure, you will find yourself soaring high above at over 150 feet enjoying picturesque views of the surrounding Ozark hills. You will be zipping at a fast speed that will keep the wind snapping your face. Blue Streak Fast Line features the longest and fastest line Blue Streak Fast Line and Free Fall Xpressthat will zip you nearly a quarter mile followed by a freefall drop from the tallest platform of Everest.

This fascinating Branson attraction in the Ozarks is the most chosen zipline tour in the region as it features the longest ride of your life. The excitement and the adrenaline rush you will feel when you zip above at fast speed will let you feel a heart-pumping and breathtaking experience. Your zipping adventure begins like most of the others offered with a brief orientation as you geared up to a fun and thrilling ride up the Wolfe Mountain in the off-road capable Pinzgauer Swiss Army vehicles.

When you disembark from the Pinzgauer, you will be guided up to a brief set of stairs in order to reach the top of the 25-foot tower where the tour begins. As you are harnessed on the zipline off the tower, you will begin to gain momentum and will start to soar rapidly to nearly 150 feet above the ground. In the lengthy quarter-mile zipping, you will get the opportunity to see a stunning panoramic views of the surrounding hills of the Ozark Mountains. See the trees rushing under your feet and wave to your family and friends who prefer to watch you from several observation decks rather than participating in the tour.

After your landing at the 100-foot tower, you will stand safe on belay, and cheer on to fellow friends and visitors as they soar toward the highest point of Everest. In addition to seeing a great view of the excited faces of visitors as they zip into the tower, you will have a great sight-seeing opportunity of the incredible 360-degree views of the natural beauty of the Ozarks. As the zipline course is located on the nature preserve, you will get the chance to see wildlife scenery, lush varieties of Ash and Oak trees, and maybe a quick glance of a white-tailed deer scampering through the bush below.

After the certified guides of the tour have prepared your equipment, you simply step off the 100-foot platform to feel a breathtaking sensation like no other. The freefall outdoor adventure is made possible by a piece of equipment which was originally created to train paratroopers in Britain. This belay equipment controls the fall of a jumper by dissipating the body of the descending jumper so that he can be ensured a safe landing equivalent to 6 inches jump.

Freefall Xpress tour is a thrilling experience that can add to the world class canopy tours. Try this thrilling zipline adventure that provides perfect finale that you will never forget.


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