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Relive the Journey of Marco Polo

Date: 2015-04-29 05:00:00 am

Relive the Journey of Marco Polo


Adventures of Marco PoloThe majestic Adventure of Marco Polo at the White House Theater is one of the most extravagant shows in Branson that will bring you back in time to the amazing journey of Marco Polo. Since the great travel adventure of Marco Polo, China have swept away the world with the story of this fascinating journey. This epic show portrays a unique adventure and a love story that is infused with pure fantasy. Showcasing amazing dance, acrobatics, magic, and original orchestration, The White House Theater brings this unbelievable historic adventure to Branson.

The White House Theater is one of more than twenty-five theaters that features several shows in Branson. Some of the shows hosted in the theater include variety shows such as “Magnificent Seven”, a variety show led by singer Amanda; “Magnificent America”, a patriotic and sweeping look at America’s history, and “Magnificent Country’’ which includes performances of a number of musical styles  including contemporary music, 40’s to 60’s favorites, Broadway, classic country comedy, and dancing. The White House Theatre recently underwent renovations on its audio and visual facilities, lobby and gift shop, which help enhance the amazing show in this fascinating venue.

Come July this year 2015, The White House Theater will be hosting the return of The Adventures of Marco Polo in Branson. The Adventure of Marco Polo is a unique show with a historic exploration and wonder featuring 66 world class performers from China, Russia, and Ukraine. This fantastic show features magnificent sets with over 300 opulent costumes, state-of-the-art production, and a story of pure wonder. Watching this amazing show, you’ll feel as though you’ve traveled the world. This production show features a million dollar 50’ x 30’ full stage LED screen with over 2000 pixels.

This awesome show of Adventures of Marco Polo at The White House Theater gives you a unique experience of the world’s fascinating history with China through his adventures including his journey through the majestic mountains, valleys, waters, and fields. This extravagant show is a phenomenal production that brings you incredible discoveries, terrific encounters, and a lasting love story. Countless discoveries that were pulled from the journals of Marco Polo, made him an intriguing phenomenon.

As the White House Theater plays host to this live theater production, you will get the opportunity to see magical dance, precarious acrobatic feats, original orchestration, and stunning visual effects. Witness the historic journey of Marco Polo that boasts an international cast of highly skilled acrobats, magnificent dancers, and Chinese illusionists showcased in over three hundred colorful costumes. This fabulous show takes on stage with a frequently changing, surprisingly realistic series of backdrops and props. Feel the action as Marco Polo travels the country, exploring places in one thrilling adventure after another. The “Adventures of Marco Polo’’ is truly an epic experience, and it’s only happening in Branson.

The Adventures of Marco Polo is a must-see show at the White House Theater in Branson that features international cast of acrobats, magnificent dancers, stunning visual effects, and Chinese illusionists.

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