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See a Summer Blockbuster at IMAX

Date: 2015-05-14 12:00:00 am

See a Summer Blockbuster at IMAX


Branson IMAX Entertainment ComplexThe Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex is the perfect place for people who want to watch blockbuster films. IMAX Theaters in Branson become famous because of its giant movie screen that stands six stories tall and measures 83 feet in width. The theaters feature 22,000 watts of great surround sound systems and give you an extraordinary movie experience. This entertainment complex in Branson has several theaters showing latest Hollywood blockbusters and providing you a relaxing atmosphere. The theaters in the complex use a stadium style seating with comfortable seats that features Tempur-Pedic foam seat pads.

In addition to the spectacular movie shows offered at Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex, you will also get to see great live show experiences throughout the year. At the Little Opry Theater, you can watch local talents such as the Petersen Family Bluegrass Band, Johnny Cash Songbook, Hank Williams Revisited, A Tribute to John Denver, Smoke on the Mountain, Patsy Cline Remembered, and A Tribute to Marty Robbins. Many of the visitors spending a wonderful vacation in Branson think that summer for them is not complete without seeing the season’s blockbuster movies.

This summer season, get the chance to watch blockbuster movies at Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex. Some of these blockbuster movies include Jurassic Park, where after 22 years from the making of the movie, the story unfolds in a resort on Isla Nublar where guests arrive by boat from Costa Rica. The island features a biological preserve, a safari, a zoo, a theme park type setting and an up-close access to dinosaurs that dominate nature.

Also shown this summer at Branson IMAX is the Terminator Genisys, a sci-fi story in year 2029 where John Connor portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, leader of the resistance wages war against the machines. Ant-Man is also a blockbuster movie shown this summer at Branson IMAX where the main character is armed with the amazing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength. The Pan is another  blockbuster movie that portrays the story of an orphan who is spirited away to the magical Neverland. He will find both fun and dangers in the magical land and ultimately become the hero who will be forever known as Peter Pan.

Shopping opportunities at the complex also abound. With 17 specialty shops featured inside the complex, you can find all kinds of specialty gifts and other unique items you can take home. Some of these shops include D&D Leather, Kelly’s World Famous Eucalyptus Oil, Fabulous Finds, Mini masseuse, Fashion Liquidators, and more. Even after watching great blockbuster movies and shopping, there is still more to enjoy at the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex. Food is always in the mind of every Branson visitor, and there are many fine restaurants that can be found inside the complex that offer a  wide selection of delicious food.

Branson is a great place to spend a wonderful summer vacation with your family as you can always have the chance to watch blockbuster movies at the IMAX Entertainment Complex.

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