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Snorkeling at the Bull Shoals Lake

Date: 2015-06-29 12:00:00 am

Snorkeling at the Bull Shoals Lake


snorkeling Bull Shoals Lake is one of the three pristine lakes in the Ozarks that offers excellent snorkeling and scuba diving as it features many rock-lined spots with clear and crystal clear waters that can be great for finding fish. Whether you only want to experience an exciting scuba diving activity or join in many guided snorkeling tours, you are sure to see lots of colorful marine life underneath the clear waters of Bull Shoals Lake.

The great location of Bull Shoals Lake along the White River Valley attracts divers to come to explore sunken boats, submerged hardwood forests, bluffs, and rocky peninsulas. Considered by many as the “Caribbean of the Midwest’’, Bull Shoals Lake, the largest lake in Arkansas that borders Missouri entices divers for its abundant marine life. The lake is a very popular area for scuba instructors who conduct advance training on snorkeling and scuba diving. The lake also offers houseboating and other popular water sports activities such as jetskiing and parasailing.

Bull Shoals Lake has an area 45,440 acres of crystal clear waters that are filled with lunker bass, bream and catfish, crappie, and some rainbow and brown trout. You can also snorkel farther from the shore as there are availability of canoes, kayaks, and boats for rent from Bull Shoals-White River State Park marina. This beautiful man-made lake is surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery and wildlife of the Ozark Mountains. The river spans across far north central Arkansas and over the border into Missouri. Many of scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts from Arkansas and Missouri always get easy accessibility to the clear waters of the lake.

This vast lake in Arkansas has a shoreline of 1,050 miles and features more than a dozen mapped dive sites and unlimited area for underwater exploration. The tailwater of the lake is the White River which is the largest river in Arkansas. The average visibility of 20 to 40 feet of the pristine water of Bull Shoals Lake attracts divers to spend time in discovering wide variety of fish that inhabit the varied ecosystem of the lake. In Spring season, the lake and the river are framed by flowering redbud trees and dogwood, while in full season the leaves provide a colorful display.  

Bull Shoals Lake and the White River are both record holders for fishing tournaments. Bull Shoals offers bass, panfish and walleye. The White River has been called America's best trout river and is open for fishing year round. The large size of the lake allows opportunities for boating and water skiing adventures. The lake features several marinas that sell supplies and offer rentals for houseboats and pontoons. There are also 22 ramps around the lake where you can launch your boat and parks for camping, picnicking, and hiking opportunities.

If you are looking for a lake that features clean and clear waters, Bull Shoals Lake is the perfect place to snorkel where you can have fun of seeing lots of colorful marine life.

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