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Spend an Entertaining Thanksgiving at the Sight and Sound Theatres!

Date: 2014-08-02 12:00:00 am

Spend an Entertaining Thanksgiving at the Sight and Sound Theatres!


Sight and Sound TheatreSight and Sound Theatres is the nation’s biggest Christian theatre with most attended live shows on the Midwest and the East Coast. Sight and Sought Theater in Branson features a majestic 2000-seats, a 300-foot stage, a cast of professional performers, and many kinds of live animals. The settings of the theater will allow you to travel back in time and see the revered history of events in the bible that you can certainly appreciate.  Considered as the Christian Broadway, the theatre has created many exciting shows that were filled with laughter, action, adventure, and edge-of-your-seat storytelling for everyone. Watch the best shows presented at the theatre during Thanksgiving season while you stay at the Thousand Hills Golf Resort.

Branson’s Sight and Sound Theatres is such a convenient theatre that offers excellent parking space and has a very accessible and awesome seating plan. This Thanksgiving season, the theatre is starting to feature in the lobby a Christmas carol sing-along that greets every incoming visitor to the theatre. The theatre also features a Miracle of Christmas Show that portrays the story of Jesus along with Mary and Joseph. The costumes, the animals, and the performers contributed to a truly amazing and wonderful show.

To be premiered at the Sight and Sound Theatres in Branson this year 2014 is the story about Jonah. The story tells about the epic adventure of a faithful and righteous prophet of God that will delight young and old audiences. The interesting story that happened 700 years before the birth of Christ, showed Jonah how he was delivered from a great sea ordeal with a powerful and timely message for today’s generation. The journey of Jonah began when he disobeyed God and ran away from Him. His adventure took him through a violent storm and later encountered an enormous fish that saved his life. Jonah is a story of extreme mercy and love of God not only for Jonah but His love for all.

The amazing special effects, spectacular staging, beautiful original music and a story that will keep on the edge of your seat, Sight & Sound Theatre brings the action in front of each visitor. The stage is huge and the curtains of the two-side stages open and close during the main show. The show features a cast of 60 performers. The theatre offers first class seating and of Hollywood sound quality. This fantastic Sight & Sought Theatre sits high on the hills in Branson.

Thanksgiving season is also a time that the theatre starts to present a Christmas story show. The show portrays the Roman soldiers ride in horses in a gallop where its main stage features the city of Nazareth. As the show goes on, a wonderful transformation occurs that suddenly makes the stage become Bethlehem where you see Joseph and Mary travels from one place to another riding a real live donkey.

If you want to watch a fantastic and entertaining biblical show that starts during Thanksgiving season, visit the Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson and stay at Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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