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Spring Fun Hunting

Date: 2015-03-23 12:00:00 am

Spring Fun Hunting


Nature Scavenger HuntScavenger hunting is a great outdoor fun during spring season where the moderate climate is a perfect way to enjoy an exciting outdoor activity under the sun. Some of the most enjoyable family adventures have been associated with playing games or other family activities. Among favorite family games and activities were a series of fun scavenger hunts at various locations as family member teams will compete to see who could find the most items on the scavenger hunt lists. A scavenger hunting activity starts with a good idea of things to be hunted and a great location. This hunting activity is a good family activity that doesn’t need to be expensive and can be done at almost no cost but builds amazing family memories.

The idea of this outdoor fun is to create a list of things that members need to find, take pictures or videos of, ask for, a time limit, and a prize for the winners. The biggest challenge of the scavenger hunting is about the size of the object to be found and the size of the area where the things are hidden. Some of the few ideas for family scavenger hunt that work for all ages include the Nature Scavenger Hunt, Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt, and Photo Scavenger Hunt. Most of these hunt events maybe a little difficult for family with small children, but even when little kids are involved, the event can be a great fun for the whole family.

To start a Nature Scavenger Hunt, it is advisable to go to a large city park with your family and list the things that each team should collect. These things may include a bird feather, a yellow flower, an acorn, a red leaf, a fresh fruit, and so forth. Even a preschooler can join in this kind of scavenger hunt. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt can be a good way to get to know some neighbors or if they seem unapproachable, you can head to the neighborhood of a friend. In this situation, members of the team go door to door and tell the people at home that they are on a scavenger hunt and then ask them for an item on their list. List items should include things of lower value or disposable things like a rubber band, a toothpick, a drinking straw or a paper cup. Just make sure no same teams entering the same homes.   

Another fun family activity is the Photo Scavenger Hunt where a family with teenagers will start a photo scavenger hunt of the pictures of team members. The lists included photos of team members eating in a restaurant, driving a car, walking the dog, or any pose. Team members that have hunted the pictures must show it to a group leader and the winning team will get a fun prize.

A great outdoor fun of scavenger hunting during spring season is one of the best family activities where moderate climate is a perfect way to enjoy this great outdoor activity under the sun.

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