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Start Taking Your Selfies with the Beauty of the Ozarks

Date: 2014-10-16 12:00:00 am

Start Taking Your Selfies with the Beauty of the Ozarks


Branson OutdoorsThe vast region of the Ozarks comprises almost 55,000 sq. miles mostly in Missouri and Arkansas. It also includes portions of southeast Kansas and eastern Oklahoma. The awesome beauty of the Ozarks is evident in almost all corners in the Midwest. Any adventurous explorers in the land will always get the chance to see countless attractions including the lakes, vistas, mountains, parks, hiking trails, and other natural wonders such as rivers and caves. Many Branson outdoors and amazing attractions around the Ozarks region are perfect for adventurers doing selfies with astonishing backgrounds.

It is widely known in the Midwest that Ozarks is home to pristine, clean and clear running streams. The upper Buffalo River around Newton County in northwest Arkansas is a great place to explore. This place is probably the most isolated and rugged portion of the Ozarks. In the area, you will find wild elk and breathtaking waterfalls during spring season, plus dramatic landscapes and millions of acres of forests. Here, you will enjoy a float down the Buffalo River with its bluff lines of 500 ft. or Sam’s Throne with rock climbing opportunities and great viewing on remarkable vistas.

The Sams Throne Vista is an outdoorsman’s dream in the Ozarks that features pristine lakes, clear running streams, hundreds of caves, with country’s largest springs, and other natural wonders that beautify the landscape. Hunting and fishing are some of the exciting activities you can do for your great Ozarks adventure. The natural scenery and wildlife in the Ozarks are outstanding that add to the mystique of Branson outdoors.

The Ozark County in Missouri is the real Ozarks where you can not find stop lights, shopping malls, or chain stores. Geographically speaking, this place is the second largest county in Missouri, yet with the smallest population of only 7,000 or so residents. The Norfork and Bull Shoals Lake, North Fork River, Glade Top Trail and Caney Mountain Conservation Area are interesting sites to visit for a great background for an exciting selfie experience.

Another amazing beauty of the Ozarks is the St. Francois Mountains in southeast Missouri. The igneous volcanic rocks that rise on top of the Ozarks Plateau create geological oddities and wonders such as Elephant Rocks. The mountain features giant granite rocks that are stacked together on top of each other, many as large as herds of elephants that can be climbed up and explored.

Like any rugged outdoor adventures, it is advised to take precaution always. When entering caves, walking in bluff lines, wading and swimming in wild streams and deep lakes all pose a risk that need to be taken with extra precaution. Always walk in the areas with caution and common sense. Be careful always when entering isolated areas or hiking such as in the wildlife. It can help ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure that bring unforgettable memories.

If you want to capture the amazing beauty of the Ozarks for your selfie backgrounds, take a unique adventure tour with some of great Branson outdoors in the Ozarks.


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