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Summer Heat plus Hot Wheels! Race to Fun Only at the XTtreme Racing Center

Date: 2014-06-14 12:00:00 am





Summer Heat plus Hot Wheels! Race to Fun Only at the Xtreme Racing Center

Summer season in Branson offers many exciting attractions that include high-speed racing activities. The Xtreme Racing Center that brought high speed racing to the Ozarks is one of the newest attractions located on the famous 76 Country Music Boulevard in Branson, Missouri. The world-class Sodi high-speed racing karts featured in the racing center has speed of 40 mph. The Sodi racing karts have more than 40 brand new racing karts. The Xtreme Racing Center in Branson is the first racing center in North America to offer outdoor track racing.

Xtreme Racing Center enforces certain requirements so that high speed thrill seekers will truly enjoy the ride. Kid racers must have a height of at least 42 inches and 51 inches for youth and adult racers. If these requirements are met, all racers must obtain a Racing License from Xtreme Racing Center. Cost of this racing license is $7.99 for kids and adults. The center also requires each patron to wear a helmet with a head sock underneath. However, guests are welcome if they bring their own helmets, but these helmets must be approved by Extreme Racing Center. The center offers three types of karts. These are GT5 and RT8 for adults and kid karts for kid racers. Adults must start on the GT5 and move to the RT8. Kids start at kid karts and can only move up to GT5.

In order to participate in the race, racers must first purchase credits. One credit is equivalent to one race. The price of one credit for adults is $18.99 and $11.99 for kids. Racers are entitled for discounts if they buy more than three racing credits. Xtreme Racing Center is offering right now a “Grand Prix Special”, where kids and adults will get the racing license and credits for a fixed price. New adult racers can get two racing credits and a racing license for only $29.99 while new kid racers can get a racing license with only one racing credit for $12.99.

The Xtreme Racing Center has a thrill park that offers thrill seekers the opportunity to drive a World Championship Racing Kart. Extreme thrill riders in the park can get the chance to ride the New Sky Surfer. This unique flying surfboard will let you experience a thrill ride that will leave you breathless as you soar high above on a silver surfboard that travels close to 30 mph. This new sky surfer is one of a kind flying platform invented in Branson. This sky surfer is motor-driven that can be ridden in three ways. First way is standing on the air as you surf, the second is laying down on your belly that makes you feel like you’re flying, and the third is sitting in the padded seat that will let you feel like flying in a magic carpet.

If you want to experience a complete fun of riding a world-class Sodi high-speed racing karts at a speed of 40 mph, visit the Xtreme Racing Center in Branson.


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