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Surf the Sky at the Xtreme Racing Center!

Date: 2014-11-26 12:00:00 am

Surf the Sky at the Xtreme Racing Center!


Xtreme Racing Center is a new family fun park in Branson where you can ride the fastest karts that can reach the speed of 30 mph while flying 50 feet in the air. This brand new $3,000,000 Branson attraction is a great family entertainment that features world-class Sodi karts from Nantes, France. Get the chance to race on these high performance racing karts in Branson on the longest road course in the country at 3,500 feet long. While racing on the fastest karts at Xtreme Racing Center, you can also play some of the hottest arcade games in the center.

Youth and adult racers who want to experience racing with the fastest karts must be at least 51’’ tall and 42’’ tall for kid racers. The Pit Crew members of this fascinating Branson attraction give instructions for safe riding and determine all racers’ ability in using pedals and steering wheel. Racers must wear closed-toed shoes to be allowed to drive the karts. A Balaclava head socks are also required to be worn inside the helmets. These socks can be obtained at the ticket counter. Helmets are regularly provided in the center but you can bring your own, although it will be subject to the discretion of Pit Crew members.

Xtreme Racing Center offers racing packages to adult and kid racers. Adult Racing Package consist of two races and includes their Xtreme Racing License. Each driver will race once with the center’s two high speed kart – The GT-5 (with speed of 30 mph) and the RT-8 (with speed of 40 mph). Age of adult racers are 9 and up. For Kid Racing Package it consists of two races and includes their Xtreme Racing License. Each kid driver will race twice on the kids track with the Sodi Fun Kids Kart. Recommended age for kids is 5 to 8. While you wait Sky Surferfor your ride schedule, you can refresh yourself at Coldstone creamery or play pinball and video games to warm up for the thrilling kart ride.

Racers at the park can have the opportunity to drive a World Championship Racing Kart at speeds of 30 mph. These thrill seeking racers can get their adrenaline fix when they ride the Sky Surfer. This surfboard is one of a kind flying machine that will leave you breathless as you surf the air close to 30 mph on a silver Sky Surfer. This motor-driven flying platform that can be ridden three ways. When standing, it’s an electrifying surfing on the air; laying down on your belly makes you feel flying like a super-hero; and sitting in the padded seat, you’ll experience flying in a magic carpet ride. With a 50 feet flight in the air at a speed of 30 mph, The Sky Surfer truly offers everyone a thrilling and breathtaking ride experience.

If you want to experience a thrilling and exhilarating ride of your life that will bring you 50 feet in the air at a speed of 30 mph, visit the hottest Branson attraction, the Xtreme Racing Center.

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