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Take the KaPau Challenge

Date: 2015-05-23 12:00:00 am

Take the KaPau Challenge


KaPau Plummet The White Water Park at Silver Dollar City is a wonderful Branson attraction that offers guests tons of exciting water activities and thrilling water rides. One of the thrilling water rides at the White Water Park is the new thrill water ride called the KaPau Plummet. This $1.7 million water ride attraction was opened in Spring 2014 and dubbed as the biggest thrill in White Water History. KaPau Plummet features two dueling 240-foot slides and launches riders into a 70-degree water plunge. Riders in this encapsulated 240-foot slides will experience a heart-pounding and breathtaking ride that starts from the 40-foot tower. This will then take you to a free fall at a speed of 26 feet per second to splash into the water.

Owned and operated by Silver Dollar City Attractions/Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation, White Water Park offers many thrilling rides ranging from mild to wild with a dozen major attractions including water slides and play areas. The park is open for fun starting mid-May through early September. Summer season in Branson is a great time to enjoy with the family and friends an array of great water sports activities at Silver Dollar City’s White Water Park.

This favorite vacation destination in Branson is always full of fun and excitement no matter how hot the temperature outside because all of the water activities at the White Water Park are sure to beat the summer heat. The park features ten water slides and other thrilling rides such as kiddie’s splash areas, wave pools, and tube chutes. Also featured in the park are cabanas that are available for rent and four eateries where you can have some delicious meal without leaving the park.

The KaPau Plummet in the 13-acre tropically-themed White Water Park at Silver Dollar City far exceeds the thrill factor of any water ride ever built in Branson. Those who want to take the KaPau Plummet challenge and brave enough to dare the drop will feel a breathtaking and heart-pumping thrill. Once inside the encapsulated slides, the countdown begins and creates a free fall at 70 degrees, and speeds into a looping 240-foot translucent water slide and to a spectacular splashdown. Spectators will see riders speeding rocket-like plunge and see them spiraling through the loops.

Kapau pronounced as KA-POW is a slang of U.S. surfer term to mean the next big thing or the next big wave. Never before has White Water Park had such a thrilling ride like KaPau Plummet that will literally take your breath away in a challenging plunge. So get ready for this Branson attraction with all new adrenaline rush at White Water Park. This aquatic theme park is sure to highlight your summer vacation in Branson.

So, if you can’t wait to take the plunge this summer season, head on to Silver Dollar City’s White Water Park in Branson where you can experience a thrilling ride in a encapsulated 240-foot slides with the KaPau Plummet that will take your breath away in an awesome plunge.

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