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Taste the Glorious Days of Autumn in Branson Scenic Railway

Date: 2014-06-26 12:00:00 am


Taste the Glorious Days of Autumn in Branson Scenic Railway


If you want to see something out of the ordinary and experience the most exciting travel of your life, the Branson Scenic Railway is a great place to spend a wonderful autumn vacation. This train tour is a perfect getaway for the whole family who wants to escape from the crowded and busy city streets. When you take a tour with the majestic Branson Scenic Railway that travels around the Ozark mountains, you will feel the clean atmosphere that you couldn’t experience in city living.

Branson Scenic Railway was named when the construction of the White River Railway started in January 1902 and completed in 1905. It cost $12 million to lay 239 miles of track for the construction of the railroad through the rugged terrain of the Ozark Mountains. When Rueben S. Branson moved to Lake Taneycomo (formerly known as White River) and Roark Creek as early as 1882, Branson came into existence. Through the mountain rocks, tunnels were blasted and many tresties were built to support gorges for the construction of the railroad around the Ozark Mountains. The city of Branson flourished after the arrival of the railroad in 1902 and people had the first opportunity to travel by train.

The train excursions of the Branson Scenic Railway was started in 1933 and became a daily tour that used commercial railroad line for trains on tour. Before each train departure the routes are already set that either go north or south. The northern route will travel as far as Galena, Missouri while the southern route will go as far as Arkansas.  The narrator inside the train relates a story about the area and points out the communities and describes the construction history of the railroad as the train continues its journey. As the train journey takes you through southwest Missouri, original tunnels and tresties can still be seen.

The train tour excursion today takes its passengers 3 to 4 times daily on a 40 mile round trip to the Ozark Mountains, travelling mountainous spots inaccessible to vehicles. The beautiful restoration of the rail cars to its present glory gives travelling tourists a first class tour experience in an old-fashioned train ride. While the train travels, tourists can have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic views of the natural beauty of the Ozarks.  

The Branson Scenic Railway tour offers all visitors the opportunity to enjoy first class dining on board while being served with hot cocoa in a special souvenir mug with delicious baked cookies. As the train takes its journey along the rail tracks, you can have the chance to see panoramic views around the Ozark Mountains. When the tour is nearing to an end, you will certainly enjoy more as it heads across the area where many exciting attractions, entertainment spots and various theaters can be spotted in the heart of Branson.

If you want to spend a wonderful autumn vacation with a magnificent train travel tour, book now your Branson Scenic Railway tour and stay at one of the best accommodations of Thousand Hills Golf Resort.



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