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The Activities at the Titanic Museum

Date: 2015-09-15 12:00:00 am

The Activities at the Titanic Museum


Titanic Museum The Titanic Museum is an awesome attraction in Branson where visitors first receive a “boarding pass’’ before they can board the ship. Visiting this beautiful replica of RMS Titanic gives you the opportunity to travel back in time as you try to discover the uniqueness and the classical setting of this ocean-going vessel. You will get to see the exact appearance of the majestic Grand Staircase of the ship, its hallway, public rooms, and passenger cabins which will give you an idea how extravagant  the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic have been.

Once you step onboard the Titanic Museum, you will be handed some information of the actual number of passengers and crew members. As you try to tour this behemoth structure, you can easily imagine how the passengers enjoyed ocean crossing in the old days. The beautiful setting of the Grand Staircase cost the museum one million dollars to build it out from original blue prints of the RMS Titanic.  It’s in this area where first class passengers usually converge to join onboard functions where they get together before dinner.

The Titanic Museum is home to many unique collections of historical facts and personal items of passengers who boarded the ill-fated ship while crossing the Atlantic. Whether you’re expert in nautical history or just interested in learning something new, the museum offers plenty of activities to visitors who want to enjoy viewing interesting things as you visit this historic attraction in Branson.

Since the opening in 2006, Titanic Museum have gone so far in bringing passengers back in time to the original voyage of RMS Titanic in 1912. After you have boarded the ship, you will be given the names of the passengers of RMS Titanic that will allow you to enjoy this unique and exciting onboard activity. As you move through the museum, you will discover that some of the passengers actually survived the catastrophe. This exciting activity inside the museum gives you a unique experience that can make you emotional at times once you discover the great number of passengers that perished from the sinking of the ship.

As you continue touring the museum, you’ll enjoy more onboard activity at various sections of the ship from the engine room to the third class quarters and then up to spacious first class cabins. The museum features mixes of detailed reproductions with actual scale of the original settings, and other great fixtures of the ship. You may see original life vests and other items that have survived more than a century. Other interesting activity you can do onboard the Titanic is to sit in an actual-sized lifeboat, dip a hand in 28-degree water, balance yourself as the ship slants, and explore many things on the bridge that include compass, telescope, mapping table, and steering wheel.

If you are looking for a unique place to visit this season, don’t miss to stop at the Titanic Museum where you are sure to enjoy exciting activities in this awesome attraction in Branson.

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