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The Branson’s Entertainment Pioneers

Date: 2015-05-21 05:00:00 am

The Branson’s Entertainment Pioneers


Presley’s Country Jubilee is one of the shows in Branson locally known as the original show on the Strip that first entertained folks in the Ozarks. The Presleys started the first live music theater in Branson in 1967 called Presleys’ Theatre that made them the pioneer in the entertainment industry in Branson. Today, this famous landmark that provided the best shows in Branson is still entertaining audiences with one-of-a-kind mix of bluegrass, country, gospel, and hilarious comedy. Every week millions of people from around the world watch the Presleys on RFD-TV. There’s no wonder why Presley’s Country Jubilee is still the show to watch in Branson.

Presley’s Country Jubilee The Presleys were the family in the Ozarks who played underground performances on the Missouri hills. People from all over would flock to the caves to hear their legendary family performances. In fact, the caverns couldn’t accommodate all the visitors anymore. So the Presleys left the area and bought a piece of land out on an isolated two-lane asphalted road just outside of town. It was in this place that they performed their first show in a brand new theater they established. The new entertainment place they set up was recognized as Branson’s original country music theater.

The Presleys were a smash hit in the area and soon people from across the country flocked to the theater every night for a chance to watch gospel and country music that they loved to perform. When their show became famous, many of the entertainment groups in Branson started to put up theaters around the area. As many years passed by, Hwy 76 became a favorite destination for folks who wanted to hear country and gospel music of the Presleys. From the very start, a great entertainment contributed by the Presleys in Branson became memorable for all audiences.

Presleys Country Jubilee in Branson has been delightfully entertaining audiences for several decades. The pioneer of the live show in Branson, this gifted family continues to amuse their newfound fans with spectacular gospel and country music and delightful comedy antics. The naturally talented Presley family has enchanted some celebrities like Paul Harvey and Regis Philbin as well as media providers like The Denver Post, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times.

Before you get inside the fabulous Presleys’ Theater, you will be enthralled by the background and accomplishments of this legendary family that can be found in the photos and memorabilia that fill the theater’s lobby. Once you take to a cozy and comfy seat, a contemporary and classic country and gospel songs will scintillate you while the comedy antics of Branson’s dynamic duo, Herkimer and Cecil will get you to the edge of your seat as they perform hilarious comedy with laughter and zany antics.

The Presley family have always considered gospel music a part of their show. So they put gospel songs with spiritual harmony into their show. After more than four decades, Presley’s Country Jubilee is still one of Branson shows that provides great entertainment with much laughter.

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