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The Classic Taste of Mediterranean Cuisine

Date: 2015-07-26 12:00:00 am

The Classic Taste of Mediterranean Cuisine


Mediterranean cuisine Vasken’s Deli is a beautiful dining spot in Branson that serves one of the best Mediterranean cuisines in the Ozarks. You may not know where to find a restaurant that offers classic taste of Mediterranean food and that can make your choosing a dining place a difficult thing to do. If you’re visiting Branson with a Mediterranean diet in mind, Vasken’s Deli is the right place to dine that is sure to satisfy your conscience and your taste buds. The beautiful location of Vaske’s Deli in Gretna Road where Branson Mill Craft Village stood, makes it fairly easy to spot the restaurant.

Vasken’s Deli was opened in Branson back in 1997 by owners Vasken and Staci Haroutounian. Prior to moving to Branson, the Haroutounians ran a number of successful restaurants and international food specialty shops in Little Rock, Arkansas, dating back to 1987. Their wide experience in the international food business, opted them to continue their passion in serving great food at reasonable price. Vasken’s is committed to serving only the finest foods that are made with the freshest meats and ingredients. All the food in the deli is made from scratch and many of which are recipes created by the Haroutounians.

Each of the menu at Vasken’s Deli is all inclusive with appetizers, side dishes, hot and cold cut sandwiches, pizzas, salads, soups, desserts and kids menu. Vegetarians will be happy to learn that the restaurant has features of tasty meatless options. This dining place is set up in a similar style as Panera Bread where table service begins after you have received your order. To order food, you have to wait in line at the counter and once your order goes to the kitchen, you will receive a number that lights up when your food is ready. After you pick up your order at the counter, find a table and enjoy your meal.

Vasken’s Deli strives to create a warm welcome in a cozy atmosphere so that every guest can enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the restaurant. The Haroutounians believe that in treating customers fairly as members of the family it can help boost the popularity of the restaurant. The success of Vasken and Staci in Branson is evident by the overwhelming patronage of the local community. Many of the locals and tourists alike have greatly enjoyed the fantastic food served to them with a warm welcome in a cozy atmosphere for over a decade now.

If you want to enjoy the taste of sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine, try Rosa’s Mediterranean Turkey, a cold sandwich with provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, onion and olive salad all wrapped up in soft pita bread. This is complimented with a homemade creamy garlic mayo which is a perfect mix of fresh vegetables and cold cut turkey that is sure to leave you fully satisfied.

So, if you are looking for a cozy dining place in Branson, visit Vasken’s Deli where you will enjoy a classic taste of Mediterranean cuisine in the Ozarks.

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