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The Famous Bonniebrook House

Date: 2015-07-23 12:00:00 am

The Famous Bonniebrook House


 Booniebrook HouseBonniebrook House in Branson is one of the best historical places in the Ozarks that features the works of Rose O’Neill who was a sculptor, artist, philosopher, activist, and inspirational force of many different accomplishments throughout her lifetime. The house showcases a gallery, museum, and homestead of Rose O’Neill. Bonniebrook is home to the finest arts in Branson where Rose devoted much of her time during her fruitful years. As creator of the Kewpie doll, Rose O’Neill paved the way for women not only in arts and culture but was also active in rallies and women’s rights movements.

Throughout the life of Rose O’Neill, Bonniebrook was the place where she would return to relax, live, and entertain famous personalities of her time. Rose O’Neill displayed many of her arts in Branson that now stand as a testament to her life’s work, artifacts, and items that she created throughout her career. Booniebrook is a homestead that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This homestead includes a variety of buildings and areas of interest that any history buff, Kewpie lover, or culturally-inclined person would find the place with great enthusiasm. You will also find in the site several different areas that offer more fun and excitement in exploring around.

The Booniebrook House is a 14-room mansion in the Ozarks where Rose O’Neill spent much of her life creating, writing, and hosting dignitaries and notable persons from around the world. See the spectacular view of the Ozark Mountains and Forests as you explore the grounds, gardens, fountains, statues, and bridges around Bonniebrook. If you are a bookworm, you can get the chance to choose from more than 20,000 pages of Rose’s history that are contained in the library. Her life is chronicled in this area from poems to letters and photographs. The house also features a gift shop where you can take something home to remember your trip to Booniebrook.

The Art Gallery of the Famous Booniebrook House features more than 60 original works by Rose O’Neill and other interesting works in many mediums from artist to sculptor and author to illustrator. The Rose O’Neill Art Collection is housed in this newly renovated Art Gallery. The collection contains several works of Rose O’Neill as an author, illustrator, activist, and an incredibly gifted fine artist and sculptor.  

Also featured in Booniebrook is the Kewpie Museum that showcases many dolls and products that made Rose and The Kewpie doll famous the world over. Inside the museum, you will see hundreds of collectibles of Rose O’Neill that were common throughout the country, a great display of her finest art works, and a testament to the wide popularity of her work. From dolls to door knockers, you will see great display of Kewpie items that were sold during the Kewpie boom that swept the nation in the early 20th century.

The Famous Booniebrook House is one of the most popular historical places in the Ozarks where you can find a great collection of fine arts in Branson.

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