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The History of America’s Presidents

Date: 2015-06-08 12:00:00 am

The History of America’s Presidents


Branson is home to many interesting museums where you will learn many historical facts about the items on display. The American Presidential Museum is a unique Branson attraction that is considered to be one of the best museums in the Ozarks that offers valuable educational opportunity. Other museums that feature unique and weird displays are also interesting for visitors of all ages. Spending some time at any of these museums will give you a remarkable experience that will certainly add to the list of Branson attraction you are going to visit.

American Presidential Museum Located in the old Majestic Steakhouse Building in Gretna Road and Roark Valley Road, the American Presidential Museum preserves the history of the nation through the lives of past presidents of America. On your visit to the museum, you will be able to see replicas of the Oval Office, Air Force One, and hundreds of artifacts that came from the belongings of past presidents. You will also learn about vital documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the opportunity to see examples of the gowns of past First Ladies.

This museum is an interesting Branson attraction that features several private collections of America’s past presidents from George Washington up to the present time. Inside the museum, you will feel the emotions of the past leaders while remembering the intensity of the Civil War years. While you are inside the museum, you will learn many important contributions of our past presidents through the years. Discover hundreds of authentic  articles, artifacts, photos, and more in the gallery.

The private collection in the museum has been purchased in 2006 and now under the ownership of the National Center for Presidential Studies which will continue to grow and serve as an educational resource for those who visit the museum. The location of the American Presidential Museum in the Majestic Building at Gretna Road is temporary until funding is raised for a new building. In the same building you will find Justin Flom’s Magic Parlor Theater and the Majestic Steak House.

Some of the great features in the museum include the Oval Office where the president issue Executive Orders, take an Oath of Office and more about the center of activity of the President in the West Wing. The Hall of First Ladies is also an interesting place to see that it is filled with the memorabilia of first ladies from Grace Coolidge through Laura Bush. Here, you will learn the early duties and the locations of the offices of the past First Ladies through this day.

Inside the museum, you can go back in time and take a journey through our nation’s path to freedom as you view the Freedom Shrine. The actual documents of important events are displayed in the museum including the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, WWII Articles of Surrender, Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Speech and many more.

American Presidential Museum is an interesting Branson attraction to visit where you can see huge collection of artifacts, important documents, photos and belongings of our past presidents.

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