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The Kanakuk Kamp’s First Camp

Date: 2014-07-22 12:00:00 am

The Kanakuk Kamp’s First Camp


Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Missouri is a wonderful place to spend a family vacation where many youngsters aged 7 to 18 enjoy great camping experience. Kanakuk Camps feature several camps that cater kids according to age groups. The camp gives kids the opportunity to enjoy many camp activities that include stargazing, campfires, and swimming. When you enroll your kid at Kanakuk Kamps, you only not give him the chance to enjoy exciting camp activities but also gives him the opportunity to listen to the lectures of Christian leaders about Godly living as a Christian.

The Kanakuk Kamps was founded by C.L. Ford of Dallas, Texas. The camp was originally called Kugaho Kamp that started as a Kanakuk Kamp's Massive Slideboys’ camp in 1926. For many years, the camp changed leadership a few times. In 1958, the new owners opened Kanakomo Camp for girls. The size of the camp continued to grow and it opened several divisions to provide more services to youth patrons. Today, it is popularly called Kanakuk Kamps and considered America’s premier summer camp.    

The objective of the Kanakuk Kamps to Christian youngsters is to develop dynamic Christian leaders through spiritual and leadership training. The camp system shares three principles to youngsters: 1) The principle “I’m Third doctrine” where God is first, others as the second, and yourself as the third; 2) The Four Square Life principle which is based on the bible verse of Luke 2:52 – “And Jesus increased in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and man”; and 3) The “Let Your Light So Shine” principle is based on Matthew 5:16 – “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven”.   

Kanakuk Kamps offer several different camp classifications. K-1 camp (for ages seven to thirteen) features kayak in the lake, zipline ride, wrestle in the Mat Flat, dribble in the K-dome, and worship Godly principles. K-2 (ages 13 to 18) offers kids training for favorite sports, laugh, learn and refreshed spiritually and physically. K-West (ages 12 to 14) offers junior high school kids play camping adventure and exciting sports activities. K-Kountry (ages 7 to 11) offers kids a first camping experience away from home.

K-Seven (ages 7 to 18) offers non-stop action from morning to night. Kanakuk Golf Camp (ages 13 to 18) offers kids to play golf at Branson Creek. Kanakuk Golf Camp is a perfect golf course for every Kanakuk Kamper who wants to enjoy a great golf experience. Kanakuk Adventure Series (ages 15 to 18) offers 2-week scuba diving, survival camp, and aviation adventures. You will be taught in this camp how to thrive in the outdoors using your ability and training. Scuba Kamp offers diving lessons from accomplished advanced diver. Participants are only allowed to Aviation Kamp if they have attended FAA Ground School to get a chance to log up to 15 hours of flight. 

If you want to learn something about the history of the Kanakuk Kamps, head on to this wonderful camping place with your kids where they will enjoy great camping activities.


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