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The Rides at the Silver Dollar City’s Fireman’s Landing

Date: 2015-07-22 12:00:00 am

The Rides at the Silver Dollar City’s Fireman’s Landing


Fireman’s Landing The Fireman’s Landing is the newest addition at Silver Dollar City that features 10 amazing ride attractions for all ages. This new $8 million development at Silver Dollar City includes six rides and four interactive play zones that are great for children and families. The additional attraction of Fireman’s Landing makes the park the biggest family theme park in Branson. This highly themed attraction features an 1880s recruitment fair with rides and exciting attractions where community heroes who served as firefighters have been given honor and recognition.

Most of the attractions at Silver Dollar City start to open for select days in March. The regular season starts with the opening in April of the World-Fest which features performers from around the world. The city is home to seven world-class festivals and events and over 100 resident craftsmen and artists displaying their skills in making America’s heritage crafts. Silver Dollar City has been awarded internationally many times for excellence in theme rides and presentation including the Themed Entertainment Association Award and the worldwide Applause Award.

The new added attraction of Fireman’s Landing in undeveloped area of Silver Dollar City increases the number of the park’s thrilling rides and exciting attractions to 40 and adds ride capacity to over 21,000 per hour. These ten new family adventures in Fireman’s Landing started its operations just last spring. Fireman’s Landing has been designed and themed with the atmosphere of an old-time volunteer fighters including young recruits where their skills are tested for fire fighting activities. This additional development consists an area of nearly 2 acres that give additional fun and excitement to this famous theme park in Branson.

Some of six amazing ride attractions at Fireman’s Landing include the FireFall, an 8-story fire tower for free-fall drop ride for daring recruits; Fire Spotter riding in balloons that soar for spotting fire dangers;  Fire Wagon Frenzy, a bouncy ride for bucket brigade volunteers; Lucky’s Dizzy Dogs, a ride with Dalmatians that race around a fire hydrant; Up The Ladder is a smaller tower drop ride for junior recruits; and Fireman’s Flyer, a low-flying swing ride for young firefighters.

The other four attractions of interactive play zones at Fireman’s Landing that are great for young and old include Firehouse Splash Yard with jets squirting waters and pump hoses for outdoor play. Inside Fire Station #3 which has a controlled temperature for season-long comfortable play is another play zone for Firefighter’s Drill that uses pumpers, buckets, foam ball cannons and targets for exterminating mock fires. The Firefighter’s Fire Escape features an exciting play zones and offers obstacle courses of mazes, tubes, climbing structures and slides; and Firefighter’s Junior Fire Escape is a soft play area for little firefighters.

Fireman’s Landing is a new added attraction at Silver Dollar City that features 10 amazing rides which include six rides and four interactive play zones where firefighters young and old enjoy diverse firefighting activities such as spotting fire dangers, pumping hoses, or playing obstacle courses.

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