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The Taste of the Fall Season

Date: 2015-09-17 12:00:00 am

The Taste of the Fall Season


The Taste of the Fall SeasonAs the hot season has just ended, the coming of the Autumn in Branson brings the chill in the air and the colorful falling leaves. Autumn allows us to enjoy beautiful weather, lively fall festivals, and spectacular fall foliage. The Ozarks region is a land of four distinct seasons and each has a beauty of its own and none of the seasons is harsh or severe which makes the place one of the most visited vacation spots in the Midwest.

For many, Autumn in Branson is the best of times where the Ozark mountains are painted colorfully with the changing leaves, the hills and the wooded valleys form a cool and gentle breezes which are all inviting for great fun activity such as walking, a bicycle ride, horseback ride, camping or a lake cruise. When the children are back to school after Labor Day, the pace of the towns begins to change. This time you will see cornstalks and pumpkins, scarecrows in every corner as the harvest season starts to take place.

As the weather changes, we begin to feel a chilly Autumn days. As the temperatures rises, we wear wool sweaters, thick socks, waffle weave long underwear, and perhaps a coat before we go outside. Autumn season can be felt in many ways such as the varied surfaces of pumpkins and gourds, textures of hay bales, and the colorful petals of the flowers and its falling leaves. The colorful leaves are not the only interesting sights during Autumn season. You will get to see the Harvest Moon, Autumn constellations, and the migrating birds. If you look down, you see lush green grasses and wild flowers, and if you explore more, you may see acorns, walnuts, or seed pods.

The autumn also brings us a beautiful taste of fresh baked bread, homemade applesauce, and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving Day is also one of the events people look into where eating delicious food is certainly fulfilling. Some of the recipes that kids love to eat during this season include Pumpkin Cheesecake, Spiced Apple Ice Cream, Harvest Pumpkin Dip, Brown Butter Fruit Crisp, and Apple Pie.

During autumn season, we don’t only experience good smells coming from the kitchens. Our sense of smell also extends to other delightful things this time of year that include the smokey bonfires, apple trees, pickling spices, cinnamon and nutmeg, woolwash, and lanolin. You will also feel the season when you smell the first fire in the fireplace and the beeswax candles on the dinner table as the night falls earlier and earlier. This time of year is also bursting forth with plenty of sounds such as the honking of geese overhead, the tractors that pull through nearby to harvest crops, and the blowing of fallen leaves by the wind.

Fall season is a great time to have a wonderful vacation as it brings chill in the air, the autumn leaves are painted changing colors, and the wooded valleys form an inviting cool and gentle breezes.

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