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The Voices of Glory

Date: 2015-05-11 12:00:00 am

The Voices of Glory

Voices of Glory The AYO Show starring Voices of Glory is a fantastic Branson Show performed at Hughes Brothers Theater that will start from March 9, 2015 through December 18, 2015. This Branson Show at Hughes Brothers Theater features inspiration group which is made up of three siblings – Nadia, Michael, and Avery Cole that bring their powerful and harmonious music to give delights to their remarkable AYO Show Starring the Voices of Glory. This trio captured the hearts of the nation when they placed in the top 5 finalists of America’s Got Talent for the 2009 season.

While sharing their music with the world, the group continued to perform in various entertainment venues throughout the country. Some of the amazing places they have performed include the GMA Dove Awards, Madison Square Garden, and multiple appearances at the ICM Awards. Watch them as they take you on a fantastic journey that will have you singing and clapping along with them. Many of their music feature a variety of genres from jazz and soul to gospel, all these are covered in one amazing show.

Millions of people around the world have been shared with the music delight of this amazing group with some of the most powerful and lively songs of our time. This group have catapulted into the spotlight around the world in just six years. Their humble beginnings singing bedside to their mother who was in coma resulting from a car accident (that eventually come out of coma) to gracing some of the world’s most respected and impressive stages – it’s truly a show unlike any you have experienced before.

From New  York to Branson, this trio performs everything from Pop to Jazz to Gospel to Soul and much more. Their Ayo Show is the show to see if you’re looking for a unique performance and a memorable experience where their music takes center stage where you feel great just like they are. As Michael Cole commented, ‘’We love the music and we love what music can do for people. In Ayo Show we want the audience to feel what we feel when we sing – a pure call to joy!”

Come see this amazing Ayo Show starring the Voices of Glory and witness amazing show with brilliant vocals and first-rate performances. These talented performers sing from their heart, and you can’t help but be captivated by their wonderful music. The Ayo Show truly delivers an entertaining adventure in light, sound, dance, and is sure to give you joyful emotion for your vacation. This Ayo Show featuring Third Avenue gives a break-through entertainment beyond your imagination. Many of the audiences to this fantastic Branson Show at Hughes Brothers Theater rave this newest smash hit.

So, don’t miss to see them perform and discover why Ayo Show starring Voices of Glory was voted “Best Matinee Show’’ of 2013. The amazing performance of the three siblings in Ayo Show is a must Branson Show to attend where you will be inspired by their powerful and harmonious music.

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