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The Whole World in One Place!

Date: 2015-04-25 12:00:00 am

The Whole World in One Place!


Silver Dollar City’s World-Fest is a popular attraction in Branson where you can discover a world of adventure in this largest international festival in America’s Heartland. This scheduled World-Fest on April 9 to May 3, 2015 at the Silver Dollar City features over 400 performers from the world over. During this international event, you will see a variety of world-class live entertainments and an array of culinary delights served with international dishes that feature exotic cuisines from around the world. The event will also showcase a demonstration of craftsmanship by several craftsmen and artists who will share their skills passed down to them from the past generations.

World-FestIn this international event, you can have the opportunity to see exciting global performances that include the following new shows “Ireland The Show’’, hailed as the next generation of Riverdance; “Cirque Zuma Zuma’’ featuring amazing African acrobatics; “Ansambel Navihanke’’, award-winning all-female Slovenian folk band; the return of the island sounds of Stix on Steel from Trinidad & Tobago; and “Island Fire’’ showcasing world-champion fire knife dancers. This celebration features colorful cultures and world-class entertainments where music and laughter are universal languages.

During World-Fest celebration, you can experience international food specialties and new dishes at Tastes of the World in the Frisco Barn. This largest international festival in Branson, offering visitors the normal Silver Dollar City attractions plus incredible performances and traditions from around the world. Those who want to experience world cultures, look no further than the Ozarks during this World-Fest at Silver Dollar City. Get the chance to witness renown performances from Spain, Argentina, Ukraine, the Pacific Islands, Ecuador and more. Discover a world of multi cultures at America’s Largest International Festival right here in Branson.

The Amamos Argentina is a high-energy show attraction that mixes the skill of the Los Pampas Gauchos Drummers with aerial tango. These highly talented entertainers have performed in many locations around the world showcasing perfect mixture of comedy, drums, and dancing. Returning to the festival is the favorite Dearbhail Finnegan that will mesmerize audience once again with beautiful melodies with her Irish Harp. Dearbhail Finnegan is from Ireland who conveys the true spirit of Irish music through her performances. Her music has been featured in movies and she has also performed for past presidents.

In this festival, you can also hear innovative performance at the Gazebo of unique music from instruments such as a bamboo wind flute, the zampona, the charango, the quena, and the bamboo played by Ecuador Manta. During the event, the Frisco Barn will host Tastes of the World that include Greek Antipasto Salad, French Crepes, Italian Calzones, and Scotch Eggs. No matter what taste you prefer, you can always have something at the Frisco Barn. But before stuffing your tummy, have some fun of the exciting rides and attractions at Silver Dollar City.

Silver Dollar City offers many exciting attractions this spring season, and if you go during the celebration of World-Fest, you will enjoy even more exciting international performances and delectable cuisines from all over the world.

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