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Want to Eat Something Delicioso?

Date: 2014-08-25 12:00:00 am

Want to Eat Something Delicioso?


Branson Landing is one of the most visited shopping destinations in Branson that also gives you the best in Branson dining. Cantina Laredo is one of the best restaurants in Branson Landing area that serves authentic Mexican cuisines. This upscale restaurant in Branson is open from 11 am to 11 pm. Cantina Laredo is beautifully located in Branson Landing Blvd. where you can find great shopping opportunities and many first class Branson Dining venues. Cantina Laredo in Branson is not the only Mexican restaurant in Missouri, there are other two outlets in Springfield.

Some of the best and delightful dinner menus of Cantina Laredo include the Top Shelf Guacamole which is served fresh at your table (serves two o four); Quesadillas Al Carbon; Ahi Tuna Tacos (mini-crispy tacos with sushi cut ahi tuna, jicama slaw and guacamole, and chipotle aioli; Nachos Al Carbon with choice of Chicken Fajita or Beef Fajita; and Queso Laredo (queso with taco meat and pico de gallo. The Cantina Laredo always serves chips and salsa for free. This restaurant is such a great place to enjoy and savor gourmet Mexican food. The servers in this Mexican steak and chicken fajitasrestaurant are very attentive, pleasant, and responsive to all guests without discrimination.

Foods served in Cantina Laredo is really outstanding and of authentic Mexican cooking. Other great dinner menus in this Mexican restaurant usually include a tamal, enchilada, burrito and carne asada tacos with rice and beans. The tamal and carne asada served in Cantina Laredo is really yummy and very authentic. Visitors who experienced great Branson Dining in Cantina Laredo will definitely go back. The tacos in Cantina Laredo is served with the best and delicious ground beef. This Mexican restaurant is a great dining place for gluten free queso and guacamole. The server marks all the gluten free items on the menu that you can really appreciate. When the fresh guacamole is served you will be impressed when it is prepared right in front of you.

Cantina Laredo is the only place in Branson that serves salsas in hot like temperature hot. Some diners find it great to enjoy cold salsa. At Cantina Laredo, you don’t only enjoy their delicious dishes served, you also enjoy the great view outside the restaurant and the surrounding area near the beautiful lake. In this Mexican restaurant, when the weather is nice, it is great to be seated on the patio and get the chance to watch a spectacular fountain show and people strolling in the promenade of Branson Landing.

It is really entertaining to watch the fountain show with the accompaniment of musical tunes of Star Spangled Banner, Listen to the Music, Up Around the Bend, and Moon Dance. At daytime, you will see fire canons burst vertically with water fountains that shoot up to 120 feet in the air. In the evening, you will be inspired with the fountain show as it creates dazzling lights that glitter all over the place.

If you want to experience great shopping and fine Branson Dining, visit Cantina Laredo, a Mexican restaurant in Branson that serves authentic Mexican foods.


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