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Watch the Liverpool Legends and Bring the Memory of the Beatles back to Life!

Date: 2014-06-15 05:00:00 am


Watch the Liverpool Legends and Bring the Memory of the Beatles back to Life!

Liverpool Legends is the only Beatles tribute band that can easily capture the hearts of the audience. The “Fab Four” not only changed the music in the 60s, but the world as well. George Harrison’s own sister, Louise, handpicked the four talented performers and they have been on tour since for over ten years. They play in events such as International Beatles Week’ in Liverpool, England, and on the Travel Channel’s Beatlemania Britain.

The four talented singers and musicians not only recreated perfectly the sounds of the ‘Fab Four’ – they have also emulated the characteristics and mannerisms of each member. The Liverpool Legends show that has been recreated for The Beatles (John, Paul, George, and Ringo) has been honored with distinctions as the coveted “Best Show in Branson”, “Best New Show”, and “Best Band”. The band was also voted as the “Best Show” by the distinguished “Branson’s Visitor Choice Award” in 2009. These distinctions and awards showed a great response of viewers who were inspired the coming into life of the members of the revolutionary Beatles.

John Lennon is portrayed by Kevin Mantegna who imitates the talents and personality of Lennon. Paul McCartney is impersonated by Bob Beahon who accurately hits notes of the ballads of McCartney like Long Tall Sally, Yesterday, and many more songs. Marty Scott portrays the natural personality of George Harrison. Lastly, Greg George who beats the drums is the most well-known impersonator of Ringo Starr in the world. The acts and looks of these four amazing performers sound very much like the original Beatles group that invaded the world in the 60s and made a memorable mark in music history.


These Liverpool Legends tribute show performers are as close to the real ones as you see them perform in The Beatles’ historical venues such as The Cavern Club in Liverpool (where The Beatles began their music career) and the Carnegie Hall. In addition, these four guys have recorded their performances in the famous Abbey Road Studios and performed with the original drummer of the Beatles, Pete Best, the Boston Pops, and the co-founder of Paul McCartney’s Wings Band, Denny Laine.

Credits to these four performers include the recreation of a 1966 performance “International Beatles Week” at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Liverpool with about 100,000 Beatles fans. Such shows have given the Liverpool Legends an honor of distinction of being the best tribute group. With their close attention to detail in costumes, instruments, and musical elaborations, they will take you to a journey down the memory from the early years of the Beatles to their solo careers. A tribute that hasn’t been seen before, the Liverpool Legends Tribute Show in Branson is one that will inspire people of all ages.

If you want to be serenaded by the Beatles that came back to life in the Liverpool Legends Tribute Show in Branson, don't miss the opportunity to sing along with your favorite Beatles' hits.


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