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Wildflower Picking

Date: 2015-04-28 12:00:00 am

Wildflower Picking


Spring season in the Ozarks region is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors where rich wildflowers abound in every corner of the country. If you roam around the country’s parks and trails, you will surely find lovely wildflowers. Seeing wildflowers in the Ozarks is something for every wildflower enthusiast. From the first bloom of lovely flowers in early spring, to the last golden rods of November, you can always find floral display everywhere in the Ozarks region. Many of the most appreciated wildflowers, like larkspur, fire pink, purple coneflower and columbine are common in the area.

wildflower The outdoors in the Ozarks feature many parks and trails where you can catch sight some of the most unusual and rarest wildflowers in the country. There are dozens of species of flowers and plants that are endemic to the Ozarks which means they can also be found in other parts of the world. But several globally rare plants as well as other wildflowers that are rare in Missouri, can be seen in the Ozarks. The Rein Orchid is a rare orchid in Missouri that produces greenish-yellow flowers in June and July and can reach a height of two feet. This orchid is known to grow in only five countries.

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways is a beautiful wildflower paradise where you can find some Marsh Blue violets blooming in wetlands in this area. The showy lady slipper is another rarity that you can find in this area that begins blooming in May and can sometimes be found in limestone bluffs along small streams, and in fens. In Missouri, you can always get the chance to see a variety of rare and unusual wildflowers if you visit the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways.

A beautiful orchid that you can find in this area is the Ladies Tresses, a rarity in Missouri. From mid-May through June, most of these species of ladies tresses can be seen in fens and other wetland areas. The Royal Catchfly is a striking plant that grows as high as five feet. This can easily be spotted as it has bright red flowers with dark green foliage. This wildflower blooms from May through September, and can be seen in open woods and remnant prairies. This flower can only be found in Missouri.

The Ozarks Wild Crocus is another beautiful wildflower found only in the Ozarks which blooms in April and May in heavily forested areas along the Current River. This flower features variable colors of magenta, purple, and purplish-blue. Another rare wildflower that you can find in Missouri is the Heart-leaved Plantain, a once common throughout the eastern United States. This plant survives in a very small handful of sites outside the Ozarks, making the place its last stronghold. Pollution and other water degradation of previously clear streams made this plant extinct.

The Ozarks region is a perfect place to enjoy great outdoors where wildflower enthusiasts enjoy the abundance of unusual and rare flower and plants in many parks and trails in the area.

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