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Wine Here, Wine There, Wine Everywhere at the Mount Pleasant Winery

Date: 2015-01-02 12:00:00 am

Wine Here, Wine There, Wine Everywhere at the Mount Pleasant Winery


Mount Pleasant WineryMount Pleasant Winery was first opened in Augusta, Missouri in 1859 by two brothers George and Frederick Muench from Germany. They established the first wine facility as commercial wine business so they can create the most sought-after wines in the region. In 1881, the Muench brothers built the cellars using milestone and wood from the area. Up to this day, these cellars are still in use to age winery’s estate-bottled wines and internationally acclaimed Augusta Ports. Mount Pleasant Winery not only planted a variety of grapes in the early days, apple orchards were also maintained. When the Prohibition was enacted in 1920, the winery was forced to close down. The vineyards were set on fire and all the wine making equipments were destroyed.

Mount Pleasant Winery was reopened in 1966 when Lucian Dressel and his wife purchased the property. They replanted the vineyard with classic grafted European varieties and self-rooted vines. When the winery started to produce award-winning wines, the place became a popular tourist destination. Augusta was chosen in 1980 from among wine-growing districts in the region to be the first government-appointed wine-growing district in the US. Mount Pleasant Winery today is the most established winery in Augusta. The winery has achieved high ratings for its wine produce and won numerous prestigious awards for the last two decades.

The winery grows 12 grape varieties in 78 acres property of the Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta. Inside the facility, you can enjoy wine tasting in the spacious 4,000 square-foot tasting room and a chance to sip wine on the terrace with panoramic views of the Missouri River Valley. The winery can be visited at any time of year where you can have the opportunity to participate in cellar tours, wine classes, holiday-day themed events and more.

A second location in a 9,200-square-foot bottling plant was opened in April 2008 in Branson, Missouri. The beautiful building of Mount Pleasant Winery in Branson offers clients the opportunity to shop and sample award-winning wines and a chance to bottle their own wine from a 600-gallon French oak barrel. After the celebration of the 150th anniversary in 2009, Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta was changed to Mount Pleasant Estates and while the location in Branson remains the same as Mount Pleasant Winery.  

The winery in Branson offers exceptional customer service with daily winery tours and wine tasting. Mount Pleasant Winery in Branson also offers Wine 101 classes, where participants will get to know the intricacies of wine tasting and learn how to pair wines with food. There is a fee of $15 per person for Wine 101 class which is scheduled on Wednesdays at 2 pm and 11 am on Saturdays. When you join the tour in the winery in Branson, you will get the chance to know how wines are processed in the facility.

Your visit to Mount Pleasant Winery in Branson will let to know the intricacies of wine tasting and learn how to pair wines with food when you participate in Wine 101 Class.

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