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Winter Bass Fishing

Date: 2015-02-16 12:00:00 am

Winter Bass Fishing


Winter Bass FishingTable Rock Lake is a body of water located in Southwest Missouri just minutes away from Branson. This  man-made lake features pristine water that was created after the completion in 1958 of the Table Rock Dam on the White River. The lake covers an area of 43,000 acres at 915 feet above sea level and boast a shoreline of 745 miles. A big portion of the lake belongs to Missouri and a small portion of it to Arkansas. Table Rock Lake is one of the most popular lakes in the Ozarks that offers winter bass fishing.

During winter season, bass usually appears in the shallow portion of Table Rock Lake in preparation for winter dormancy. This fish fall prey to crank-baits and spinner-baits. They can be found mostly in creek beds that hold heavy concentrations of baitfish. In early spring, crappie fishing is at its best when they school. During winter months, they can be found in shallow coves. Baiting on live minnows on light tackle can be effective in angling bass during winter time. Types of species that can be found in Table Rock Lake include Black Crappie, White Crappie, Blue Gill, Flat Head Catfish, Green Sun Fish, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Spoon Bill, Spotted Bass, Walleye, and White Bass.

Table Rock Lake is home to many fish varieties but the most sought after are the Kentucky (Spotted) Bass, Largemouth, and Smallmouth. Every weekend during the year, the lake features fishing tournaments for competitive anglers. The lake also hosts national events by B.A.S.S. and FLW Outdoors that feature professional bass anglers from around the world. The temperature during winter season seldom get cold enough to freeze the surface of the lake that provides anglers a year round fishing. Seasonal anglers prefer not to fish in the colder months because they do not have the knowledge to catch bass in colder water.

Angler who can be brave in cold weather should visit Table Rock Lake during winter season. Table Rock Lake is one of the best fishing lakes in the Ozarks that offers great angling opportunity during winter time. Successful angling techniques during spring through fall have changed drastically. Many of local anglers at Table Rock Lake have adapted to winter conditions when its surface temperatures fall into the 40-degree range.

Table Rock Lake offers the best angling opportunity for every fisherman but it can also be intimidating. It is not easy to know the best types of live bait to use or how to choose the appropriate live bait. You can find many lure types on the market and ask help from professional to help you find the right one. Table Rock Lake also features professional guides who will share their most productive methods for bass fishing on the lake during the winter season.

If you want to experience a great fishing adventure during the cold season, head on to the Table Rock Lake in Branson where you can challenge your skills as an angler to catch the lake’s famous bass.

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