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Yeah, It’s Hot!

Date: 2015-04-20 12:00:00 am

Yeah, It’s Hot!


Branson BalloonBeautifully located in historic Branson, Missouri, Branson Balloon is the only hot air balloon ride business in Branson that stays open seven days a week, year round. Its traditional hot-air balloon flights offer special packages, such as tickets to local show in theaters, and an exclusive flight for two with a champagne brunch. Branson Balloon also offers balloon rides to many special events around the Ozarks, such as the Rock n’ Freedom Festival in the first summer month, and the Branson Balloon Festival in mid-fall.

The two hot air balloons of Branson Balloon can accommodate a maximum of four passengers in one and three in the other balloon. Experience floating peacefully over the trees, valleys, and lakes to any of the two balloons that will let you enjoy a spectacular view of the Ozark mountains. If you are staying in Branson, Branson Balloon offers pick-up service from your place and will take you back after the flight. Flying high above with a hot air balloon is the best way to see fresh bloom of flowers and plants this spring season.

Branson Balloon offers the most exciting outdoor adventure that hovers above the majestic lakes and the Ozark mountains. The hot air balloon ride gives you a unique flying opportunity of a lifetime and creates an unforgettable flying experience. A fantastic balloon ride is the perfect way to add this breathtaking hot air balloon flight adventure to your outdoor experiences in an affordable way. Seeing many panoramic views from the heights of the hot air balloon gives every rider a unique perspective of the Ozarks with a feeling of thrill and excitement as the balloon goes up, up and away.

Thousands of visitors coming to Branson have braved the high rise hot air balloon flight and many of these visitors often come back for another ride at some other time. Branson Balloon also offers the largest tethered helium balloon in the nation. Standing ten stories high, this ring-shaped metal carrier holds up to 30 passengers per ride. The flight of the balloon ascends to 500 feet in altitude and the flight lasts about 15 minutes. Your hot air balloon flight experience will let you enjoy the graceful winds that you haven’t felt before as they snap your face.

During the day, a beautiful hot air balloon flight allows riders to glance the scenic view of Branson’s  foliage and the lush greenery of the Ozark mountains including Table Rock Lake as the sunlight reflects an array of colorful natural sceneries.  In the evening, as Branson is lit with delightful night colors and gleams like dazzling jewels, the view is truly unparalleled. Weather permitting, Branson Balloon offers daily flight year round. This hot air balloon flight is truly the safest way to fly and will leave you memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you simply want to take a fantastic hot air balloon flight experience or want to enjoy seeing many panoramic views of the city, head on to Branson Balloon and hold on tight.

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