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You’ll Never Get Starvin’ Again!

Date: 2014-02-08 12:00:00 am

You’ll Never Get Starvin’ Again!


Starvin’ MarvinStarvin’ Marvin in Branson is a fantastic dining spot that offers quality homemade food. This Starvin’ Marvin beautiful dining destination was started 1984 by Larry and Jeanette Rogers who owned a restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana. Because they often took a vacation in Branson, they come to love the Ozark Mountains and decided to make a move of their dreams. They sold their home and restaurant in Lafayette and brought their 3 children and 3 German Shepherds to Branson. They originally built Starvin’ Marvin in a log cabin one and a half miles away from Silver Dollar City.

Their three children Amy, Kellie and Duane worked with them in the cabin where they were taught hospitality and good work ethic. Starvin’ Marvin moved to the Strip when tourism in Branson began to boom. Many locals come to this beautiful dining spot in Branson to enjoy the quality of their homemade food. Some of the favorites in Starvin’ Marvin include Cashew and Sweet & Sour Chicken, Smoked BBQ Ribs and saddle blanket sized Pork Tenderloins, and hand battered onion rings.

A decade later after they first established the restaurant business in Lafayette, Larry and Jeanette decided to bring some of their own heritage and Cajun cooking to Branson. Their decision to move to Branson was a great success because of their specialty in seafood with a Cajun attitude. All year round, customers come to this fantastic restaurant to enjoy ‘’All You Eat Crablegs and Seafood Buffet.’’ After a few years of a successful restaurant business, Amy and Kellie still work along with their dad. While Duane followed his father’s footsteps and now operates 3 Pizza Worlds. Three grandchildren of Larry and Jeanette Rogers now work at Starvin’ Marvin following the footsteps of their grandparents.

Starvin’ Marvin is one of Branson’s best dining venues where you can enjoy full breakfast buffet with a great fruit selection.  The meats in this restaurant are hand-battered with specific coating that are made and mixed inhouse. The catfish,  froglegs, chicken tenders, chicken fried steak, fried chicken, and pork tenderloin are all hand battered. While this nice dining place in Branson maintains a friendly family atmosphere, it still offers several select bottle beers and six different wines that are produced by Mt. Pleasant Winery.

In its 31st season in restaurant business, Starvin’ Marvin became the longest independently family owned dining spot in Branson.  While the cajun flare played an important role in the success of Starvin’Marvin, the local favorites are still in the list on the menu. The whole family of Larry and Jeanette Rogers always look forward to serving tourists and locals alike for generations to come. Along with their children and grandchildren, Larry and Jeanette would like to thank every customer for making Starvin’Marvin’s what it is today.

If you want to take a fantastic vacation in Branson and yearning to enjoy the best meal to satisfy your starvin’ tummy, worry no more as you will never get hungry again because at Starvin’ Marvin you can have the best quality homemade food.

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