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Your Favorite Snack at a One-Stop-Shop!

Date: 2014-11-25 12:00:00 am

Your Favorite Snack at a One-Stop-Shop!


Amish Country StoreIf you are having a great vacation in a Branson Log Cabin at Thousand Hills you may like to cook your favorite snacks or other delicious dishes for your family dinner. Every kitchen of log cabin accommodation at Thousand Hills is fully equipped with modern appliances such as refrigerator, microwave oven, washer/dryer, pots and pans, kitchen wares and utensils that can make your cooking easy and convenient. If you want to prepare food for your dinner inside your log cabin accommodation, the Amish Country Store is a nice Branson shopping place to get the best ingredients for your cooking needs.

Amish Country Store in Branson features the best household items, arts and crafts, and many specialty gift items. At Amish Country Store, you will find the best furniture, hand-made toys, and much more. This wonderful Branson shopping spot offers many things that are always needed for home use such as decors, furnishings, and canned goods and even personal items such as unique gifts, jewelries and accessories, and other hand-crafted items. Amish Country Store is specializing mostly country items but you are sure to find products in good quality that will last a long time. Visit the place and enjoy seeing an array of unique crafts and specialty items you can’t easily find anywhere else in Branson.

In 1999, Terry and Darlene Whalen started the operation of a family owned business, The Amish Country Store. For a long time, Terry and Darlene Whalen dealt with Amish families and worked very hard to bring you the best Amish made products you can take home. Both of them listened to all the requests of patrons over the years, working to give they want, from all natural jams and jellies to homemade pickles.

The Amish Country Store is a nice country shop which is perfect for cook or baker to find bulk spices and a wide selection of cooking supplies. The store features a great amount of dried fruit and bulk candy for those with sweet tooths. This country store has a back room with lots of displays of handcrafted Amish furniture that you can’t find at other furniture stores. You can also find in the store Amish noodles, pickled items, jams and jellies, and all types of candies and gourmet chocolates and coffee. At Amish Country Store, you can find a complete line of spices, baking needs, cold foods (such as cheese, butter, hard salami), and great Ozark crafted chairs and Amish built buggies.

When you are inside this awesome country store, you will be impressed with the variety of nuts, salad dressings, molasses and sorghum. You can browse for hours each shelf and review merchandise or go to the back of the store and see the beautiful oak furniture. The store features lots of items packaged in bulk, from spices and hot sauces to gummy bears.

The Amish Country Store is a beautiful Branson shopping spot where you can find the best ingredients if you want to cook your own food inside your log cabin accommodation at Thousand Hills.

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