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Moon River Theater is just a few minutes away from your Branson cabin

Date: 2014-01-05 08:45:26 pm

Moon River Theater is just a few minutes away from your Branson cabin

How lovely it is to stay in a place where a total entertainment is just a few minutes away? For those who love entertainment, Branson Cabins is a perfect place to stay where the $12 million state of the art theater, the Moon River Theater is really accessible, a total entertainment package for the whole family. Built by Andy Williams in May of 1992, Moon River Theater is one of the best places where you can see fantastic live shows in the country.

Moon River Theater Logo

 Its design shows the beauty and honors the environment that surrounds the Ozark Mountains. The theater is set among 16 acres designed with waterfalls, streams, rock formation and foliage and is the only theater that is featured in Architectural Digest. With a wonderful auditorium that is perfect for live performances and a museum-like lobby where you can see a collection of Andy's favorite arts, this place is a sure hit for you to feel a total musical atmosphere!


With its great performers and theme shows Moon River will soon be known as the live music capital of the world. Bring back the Beatles craze with the Liverpool Legends, group handpicked by George Harrison's sister, Louise. Enjoy the night with "OH WHAT A NIGHT!", a tribute to the Four Seasons and Frankie Valli.  You're going to have a fabulous week end with Moon River Weekends from September to October with huge stars ever Fridays and Saturdays. For those who love a capella, Cat's Pajamas will tickle your ears with their magnificent voices, no need for instruments. Let Daniel O'Donnell serenade you as he hits the stage of Moon River Theater this November together with Mary Duff, one of the best vocalists in Ireland. Nobody wants to miss the theater's grand entertainment as they continue the legacy of Andy Williams, the biggest Christmas show in Branson, the Andy Williams Christmas Show with the Osmonds and the Lennon Sisters. This is a tribute to Andy where you can see great dancers, marvelous orchestra, breath taking acts, amazing music and the harmony of Christmas presented in fully decorated theater, featuring the talent of  quick change artists, Pasha and Aliona as they come back to allure the guests with their Magical Dancing. 

What do you need after an all day and all night fun? Of course, a nice place to relax. Branson Cabins offers the best cabins where every corner is going to be a home away from your home, and since it is near Moon River Theater, you can always come back for more entertainment!  Nothing is more spectacular than spending your "Ber Months" in Branson!

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