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New Article3 Best Golf Travel Bags

Date: 2018-03-30 12:00:00 am

3 Best Golf Travel Bags


playing golf in Branson

If you are a golfer who loves traveling with the clubs on almost all golf events that you need the join, then you may need to have the best golf travel bag. When you’re playing golf in Branson, you probably already have a golf bag, but that doesn’t mean you stick to it forever. Nowadays, there are innumerable people around the world who love to travel and play golf on their trips. When you want to ensure that all your golf gears re
ach your destination in one piece, then you need to invest in a premium quality best travel golf bags. Listed below are the 3 best golf travel bags which many golfers think they are the most trusted and reliable brands.
The CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover is a well-made and top quality travel golf bag which is very spacious from the inside. You can effortlessly insert your golf club inside it without any hitch. This golf bag is designed using high-quality and durable 1800D nylon fabric. It has an in-line skate wheels allowing easy rolling. It is also padded nicely to ensure maximum protection of your club heads. 
The size of the golf bag is 13 x 50 x 15 inches and can be packed without much ado. This stylish bag is lightweight and stands up on its own even when the heavy golf club is inside it. This golf bag only weighs 8 pounds when empty and around 35 pounds when loaded. It features two handles making it extremely easy to carry.
Club Glove Burst Proof with Wheels 2 is an outstanding travel golf bag with improved various features. This bag uses a single piece of fabric to ensure a burst-proof build. It is designed with the use of US made materials like Cordura fabric to provide high durability. It used Ballistic nylon to create the base of this bag and ensure improved balance. It also has in-line skate wheels with bearings to ensure easy maneuverability.
Clubs as long as 47 inches can easily be placed in this bag without much effort. This golf bag has an interior shoe pockets. It is also highly comfortable for carrying around. It also has split-top zipper and a riveted handle at the bottom that makes it easy handling. It also has extra padding around the clubs to provide enough protection needed when traveling.
SKB  2SKB-4814W Deluxe AGA Golf Travel Case is sturdier than a standard travel golf bag made from fabric. The hard case of this travel bag ensures safe golf gears when you travel a lot. The outer shell of the case is constructed from military-grade polyethylene with high-grade molecular weight. Your stuff will be safe no matter what happens on the outside. The size of the bag is 49” by 16”. It can accommodate well all your clubs and two 48 inches drivers. 
Even if you are playing golf in Branson most of the time, you still need to get the best golf travel bag to protect your golf equipments.



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