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5 Amazing Facts About Branson Log Cabins

Date: 2019-06-24 12:00:00 am

5 Amazing Facts About Branson Log Cabins


Branson log cabins have many amazing facts that made these luxurious lodgings at Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort become the preferable place to stay by thousands of visitors each year. Below you will get to know some of the amazing facts that made log cabins in Branson the best lodging in the Ozarks.

log cabins in Branson

Great location

With the beautiful area of the log cabin in a secluded place in the Ozarks, you will know why this luxurious lodging at Thousand Hills has become an ideal accommodation in Branson. The rustic and romantic wooded setting that describes this beautiful lodging in Branson provides the whole family or intimate couple the perfect getaway backdrop. Thousand Hills offers a variety of options for visitors who are in quest of log cabins with stunning scenery and unique furnishings. Although these lodging units at Thousand Hills are nestled in a secluded area, it is actually near the heart of Branson.

The relaxing atmosphere in a tranquil environment, make the log cabin the perfect place to spend an enjoyable escapade. The excellent location of the log cabins in Branson is just minutes away from area attractions, two blocks north of 76 Country Boulevard – and yet, it is still surrounded with trees in the rolling foothills of Ozark Mountains. When you stay in a log cabin in Branson, you will surely enjoy the beautiful wildlife, picturesque mountains, and forests of the Ozarks that can only be experienced when you stay in a log cabin at Thousand Hills Hotel &  Resort.

Great amenities

For over a decade, Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort has been recognized as one of the leaders in providing nightly cabin rentals in Branson. Log cabin accommodation at Thousand Hills, which hasn’t been known for many years became famous after several clients testified that they enjoyed the great amenities and excellent services. These cozy log cabins in Branson feature the best package that includes many top quality amenities such as flat screen television with HBO, free Wi-Fi access, and a DVD player.

Unlike regular hotel accommodation, staying in a log cabin is highly recommended for big families or groups of any size. Spending a fantastic stay in a log cabin at Thousand Hills allows you to experience a luxurious and comfortable living as every cabin features Jacuzzi tub, king size bed, a separate living room, and a fully equipped kitchen. A wonderful stay in a log cabin in Branson will let you enjoy its stone fireplace, whirlpool tub plus a two person rain shower.

Near the golf course

With the great location of the log cabin near Thousand Hills Golf Course, guests who want to play golf will find it easy and convenient if they're going to play golf with friends at Branson’s most popular 18-hole golf course. The golf course is complete with great amenities and very much accessible from places that offer fun activities, exciting attractions, and world-class live entertainment shows. The renown Thousand Hills Golf Course was voted several times as the “Best of the Ozarks” for Branson Golf Courses by the readers of the Springfield News-Leader. The attractive location of the golf course in a private place is a good reason why many golfers choose to play here.

The most exciting thing about the golf course is that it is only five minutes away drive from Lake Taneycomo and ten minutes from Table Rock Lake, where viewing the pristine lakes gives you an unforgettable outdoor experience.

The convenient location of Thousand Hills Golf Course around town is an excellent advantage for many guests who want to enjoy the evening fun activities as the golf course is very near to some exciting attractions, live shows, museums, theme parks, shopping, and dining. Located in a secluded area, the golf course gives the golfers the chance to see a beautiful landscape, unique rock formations, and picturesque wooded valleys.

log cabins in Branson

Tons of activities to enjoy

When you are staying with the whole family in a log cabin in Branson and don’t feel like going out the entire day, don’t fret, because there are lots of fun games to enjoy in a log cabin. Some of these indoor fun games include board or card games, games that don’t require extra items, video games, singing karaoke songs with your laptop, and games that you can play online with your smartphone.

You can also play games inside your cabin that don’t require extra things. These are games that don’t need a thing, as long as there is another person in the room. Playing Charades is a good example. You write down movies, ideas, books, and places on pieces of paper and the person who draws it has to act out what is on the paper, for other people to guess. This Charades game can work with big families when it is divided into teams. When playing the Charades, no one is allowed to speak.

Singing karaoke songs with your laptop is a great way to enjoy the fun inside the cabin even just by yourself. With the availability of Wi-Fi in your log cabin, you can always search for any karaoke songs on your laptop and play it and sing along. When you search on google karaoke songs, you can find many of your favorites. Karaoke singing is a very entertaining way to enjoy a beautiful bonding moment with the whole family.

Great for honeymoons and other special occasions

If you’re looking to spend a wonderful honeymoon or celebrate a special occasion with your loved one, log cabins in Branson provide a perfect setting for your unforgettable vacation. For those who want to celebrate their honeymoon, anniversary, or simply looking to get away on a romantic rendezvous will find these log cabins offer everything you could wish for a memory-making vacation escapade. Many of these log cabins offer private hot tubs or Jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces, and plenty of space for rest – ensuring you a pleasant stay with your other half that you won’t forget.

If you are planning to spend a wonderful vacation and choose to stay in a log cabin in Branson, you need to learn some of the amazing facts about Branson log cabins.


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