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5 Amazing Lake Adventures to Try this Summer

Date: 2019-05-03 12:00:00 am

5 Amazing Lake Adventures to Try this Summer


Many visitors coming to Branson to enjoy a wonderful summer vacation know that the place offers many kinds of lake adventures, especially during summer time.

With the clean and crystal clears waters of the three pristine lakes namely, Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and Bull Shoals Lake, it’s no wonder that Branson is the most visited vacation spot in the Midwest. Listed below are the five fantastic lake adventures in Branson that are waiting for you.

1. Scuba Diving is an excellent lake adventure that you need to try this summer in Branson. This fascinating lake adventure is a great way to see many astonishing things beneath the clean and crystal clear waters of Table Rock Lake. Maybe only a few know that Table Rock Lake has some stupefying secrets! In the early 1950s, the small town of Oasis was deserted to make way for the damming of the White River, a massive project that created Table Rock Lake. Offered by some diving operators around Table Rock Lake include diving activity that gives divers the chance to look for some remnants and treasures from that small town.

There are scuba diving sites at Table Rock Lake that include the Zebulon Pike which is also known as the Branson Belle. This diving site is where you can find the 90 ft. long double-decker excursion boat, lying underwater on a slope between 75 to 95 feet of water. This is a fun dive for the more experienced scuba diver on Table Rock Lake. There is another great dive site on the lake called Duck Island which is near the State Park boat ramp. On the east side of the island, you will see a partially submerged willow tree, and there lay a 25 ft — cruiser at 45 feet of water.

2. Fishing adventure at Lake Taneycomo offers a unique outdoor fun in Branson during summer as the lake provides many exciting activities and several water sports adventures. The pristine Lake Taneycomo that features clean and crystal clear waters offers amazing lake adventures that primarily include fishing and other water activities such as boating, scuba diving, swimming, and more. In Branson, you will find it exciting to enjoy a fishing adventure with Branson Fishing Guide Service as they offer guided fishing tours in Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake.

Since 2016, Branson Fishing Guide Service has started to offer the new Pontoon Fishing Guide Service at Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo. In this guided fishing trip, there will be no extra charge for live bait, and if your wife wants to tag along or read a book, it’s free. Also added in the guided fishing trip is a new 2-hour Afternoon Guided Trip on Lake Taneycomo for families who want to enjoy fishing with the kids but they stay only in one place. The only full-time lake adventure on Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake is a fantastic fishing adventure on Tri-Tune Pontoon which features everything needed for your memorable fishing trip.

3. Kayaking on the lake is another amazing lake adventure that you need to try this summer in Branson. This excellent adventure on the lake gives you so much fun on the water especially when you float down freely with the current that you don’t need to exert much effort on paddling every time. Kayaking is an exciting way to experience unique outdoor fun in Branson as you experience a fantastic adventure on the lake.

An exhilarating downstream kayaking lake adventure can be enjoyed best on the 27-mile long flowing lake that starts at the base of Table Rock Dam and ends at Bull Shoals Lake in Forsyth. While taking a downstream kayak adventure on the calm lake, you get to see many beautiful creatures such as blue herring, ducks, geese, deer, muskrat, squirrels, rainbow and brown trout, and even bald eagles can be seen as you go with the flow of the clean and clear waters of the pristine lake.

Lake Taneycomo is one of the best summer destinations in Branson for any water enthusiast who wants to try kayaking adventure as its gentle flowing cold waters allow a kayaker to relax and enjoy the lake adventure as the current takes care of the job. The smooth and calm waters of Table Rock Lake also allow kayakers to enjoy easy paddling, although, without much current, they still find it easy to maintain the position while enjoying spectacular sceneries around the lake.

outdoor fun in Branson4. Boating is one of the most exciting lake adventures that is always included in the itinerary of every Branson visitor. As Branson offers easy access to the Tri-lakes area, it makes the place the perfect spot for boat enthusiasts who want to enjoy boating and many other lake adventures. If you’re looking for a fantastic lake adventure to try this summer, visit the State Park Marina in Branson as they offer everything about boating adventure, WaveRunners water skiing, tubing, parasailing, scuba diving and even guided fishing trips on Table Rock Lake.

The boathouse at State Park Marina also provides everything you need for a day on the lake, including fuel, bait and tackle, sunscreen, snacks, and even apparel. Featuring more water activities than any other marina in Missouri, State Park Marina offers rentals of slide boats, wake boats, ski boats, pontoons, and even bass boats.

5. Paddleboarding is another amazing lake adventure in Branson where you can enjoy so much fun and excitement as you take an exhilarating lake adventure on a paddleboard in standing position. This exciting lake activity offers an excellent way to explore the clean waters on some of the pristine lakes in Branson. This stand-up paddle boarding activity on the water is increasingly patronized by many water sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Branson. This unique outdoor fun in Branson that combines the skills of surfing and kayaking is becoming more popular in the US in recent years.

When you want to bring the whole family to spend awesome outdoor fun in Branson, be sure to try these five amazing lake adventures so you can experience a fantastic summer vacation.


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