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5 Outdoor Activities to Get Fit Without Hitting the Gym

Date: 2019-07-22 12:00:00 am

5 Outdoor Activities to Get Fit Without Hitting the Gym


Branson is widely known in the Midwest as the favorite vacation destination because it offers countless entertaining live shows where you can be sure to enjoy concerts, comedy shows, acrobatic shows, and more. As this entertainment capital features a mild temperature even during summer, it’s a perfect place to experience outdoor fitness. Listed below are the five outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Branson to get fit without hitting the gym.

outdoor fitness1. Hiking at some of the best trails in Branson

Hiking in Branson during the summer is the most exciting way to try outdoor fitness especially when you want to take some hiking activity at some of popular Branson hiking trails that include Table Rock Lakeshore Trail,  Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, and Branson Landing Riverwalk. When you take a hike at Table Rock Lakeshore Trail, you’ll get the chance to see picturesque Table Rock Lake, and it will bring you also to the Table Rock State Park where you can also have the opportunity to enjoy great recreational activities allowing you to enjoy fantastic outdoor fitness.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a beautiful paved trail where you will find it great to get fit without hitting the gym. Covering 6 miles of flat land, the trail features gorgeous limestone bluffs and tumbling waterfalls over bridges formed with native stone and hand-crafted wrought iron. You can see rainbow trout swim in streams as you pass by the bridge. If you take a complete hiking trail in the park, you will see a variety of native wildlife species.

Branson Landing Riverwalk is a famous scenic sidewalk along the Taneycomo lakefront. This interesting hiking trail spans only one mile and a half of paved path. Along the trail, you will see a vibrant town square where you can see the Branson Landing’s $7.5 million spectacular fountain attraction that features the merging of fire, water, music, and light.

2. Off-road Mountain Biking at the White River Valley Trail System

Taking an Off-Road Mountain Biking in the Ozarks is a fantastic outdoor activity that’s sure to make you, fit without going to the gym. At the White River Valley Trail System in Branson, you will find it an ideal place to experience off-road mountain biking adventure, making you enjoy outdoor fitness. The trail is rugged and all off-road. If you prefer to go hiking or biking in an easy paved trail, you can try the paved Dewey Short Trail nearby.

The outdoor fitness that you can experience at the White River Valley Trail System can be enjoyed on five small loops; all stretches between one to two and a half miles in length. Between five loops of the Trail System, you will find rugged sections where new riders may prefer to hike a bike, but can easily be overcome by experienced riders. This trail looks pretty rough which make adventurous and experienced riders thrilled to enjoy on this quality trail in town.

3. Fishing at Table Rock Lake

Fishing at Table Rock Lake is also a great outdoor activity that can make you fit even without visiting the gym. The lake is an ideal place to bring your family for a fantastic vacation combined with fishing adventure. Some of the most exciting fun-packed adventures in the lake are fishing where anglers find an abundance of crappie, bass, white bass, catfish, and bluegill in a crystal clear and clean waters of the lake. Anglers enjoying the fantastic fishing activity on the lake will be delighted to see the spectacular view of the lakeside, the beautiful bluffs, wildlife, and wooded hills.

Fishing activities at Table Rock Lake can be wonderfully enjoyed through public marinas and area resorts that offer the guided fishing trip. These marinas and area resorts offer boat rentals for adventurous visitors and other recreational boats that include pontoon boats, bass boats, ski boats, wave runners, and more.  Fishing is one of the most exciting fun packed adventures on the lake as it offers bountiful supply of fish in the pristine lake.

outdoor fitness4. Paddleboarding on the lake

Paddleboarding is a new way to enjoy great outdoor activity on the water surface. This exciting outdoor fun can get you fit by just paddling on the clean and crystal clear waters of the pristine lakes in Branson. This great outdoor fun offers everyone an ultimate water sports adventure in which riders can propel the paddleboard using their arms while lying or kneeling, and use a paddle by standing on the paddleboard.

The frequent use of paddleboarding is stand up paddle surfing that you can experience on the pristine lakes in the Ozarks. If you want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime paddleboarding adventure, try this fascinating outdoor activity on the water as you will find it great to enjoy outdoor fitness in a wide open water surface.

5. Kayaking on the calm waters of the lake

At the arrival of the spring season, many water enthusiasts prepare to go out to enjoy great outdoor activities. Kayaking on the lake is an exciting outdoor activity in Branson that can make you fit. Kayaking adventure on the lake is an excellent water fun activity to enjoy on the water, especially when you float down freely with the current that you don’t need to exert much effort on paddling every time. Kayaking is an exciting way to enjoy outdoor fun in Branson as you can have the opportunity to see spectacular views along the lakeside while having an excellent adventure on the lake.

Beautiful downstream kayaking on the lake can be enjoyed best on the 27-mile long flowing lake that starts at the base of Table Rock Dam and reaches farther to Bull Shoals Lake in Forsyth.  Lake Taneycomo in Branson is one of the best destinations for any water enthusiast who wants to try kayaking adventure as its gently flowing waters allow kayakers to relax and enjoy the experience as the current takes care of the job.

Sports enthusiasts who are enjoying a wonderful vacation in the Ozarks can get fit even without hitting the gym because Branson offers many outdoor activities that can help burn some calories.


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