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5 Relaxing Outdoor Activities in Branson

Date: 2019-07-03 12:00:00 am

5 Relaxing Outdoor Activities in Branson


Branson is not just famous for its world-class live entertainment shows and many exciting attractions; it is also a great place to enjoy tons of outdoor activities and thrilling water adventures. If you want to enjoy a fantastic outdoor fun in Branson, be sure to check out these five relaxing outdoor activities as they can give you unforgettable vacation experience in this favorite vacation spot.

outdoor fun in Branson1. Sailing with the Spirit of America

If you want to experience a relaxing ride and feel the gentle breeze of the clean and crystal waters of Table Rock Lake, get onboard with the 48-foot sailing catamaran, The Spirit of America. The catamaran operates a sailing cruise, a Water World Adventure Cruise, and a Sunset Celebration Cruise.  Whatever kind of lake cruise you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a relaxing activity. As the catamaran is tugging many different types of water toys/events such as kayaks, a water trampoline, a blob, and inflatable water slide, you’ll have many options to enjoy excellent water activity.

 If you opted for a sailing cruise, it could be fun and exciting as you set sail with the Spirit of America. Here you will get the chance to see crewmates and passengers lift the prop and hoist the sails, then kick back and relax for a 90-minute excursion on the pristine Table Rock Lake. If sailing with the catamaran is not enough and you want to enjoy more on the water, you can rent a boat from the State Park Marina where the sailing catamaran is based.

2. Kayaking in Lake Taneycomo

At the arrival of the spring season, many people are getting prepared to take a relaxing outdoor activity in Branson, especially an exciting kayaking activity in Lake Taneycomo. As a relaxing water activity, kayaking on the clean and pristine waters of the lake allows you to experience a fascinating outdoor fun in Branson. Kayaking adventure on the lake is a great water fun activity to enjoy on the water, especially when you float down freely with the current that you don’t need to exert much effort on paddling every time.

Kayaking is exciting water activity on the water as you can have the opportunity to see spectacular views along the lakeside while having an excellent adventure on the lake.  A downstream kayaking adventure on the calm lake allows you to see many amazing creatures such as blue herring, ducks, geese, deer, muskrat, squirrels, rainbow and brown trout, and even bald eagles can be seen as you go with the flow of the clean and clear waters of the lake.  Lake Taneycomo in Branson is one of the best destinations for any water enthusiast who wants to try a fascinating kayaking adventure.

3. Para-sailing with the American Parasail

Para-sailing is one of the thrilling outdoor fun activities but a relaxing one as you are riding in comfort without making any effort. The American Parasail in Branson offers every family a unique flight experience on 10 to 15 minutes of thrill and excitement that soar up to 250 feet above the water on 500 feet of line. The para-sails can carry up to 3 passengers at a time, which makes the thrilling flight a memorable family experience. As you start the flight, you will be fitted with a harness and life jacket and soar through the air like a bird in flight as you fly over the beautiful Table Rock Lake.

When you want to experience a genuinely exhilarating outdoor fun in Branson, fly with the American Parasail and get ready to be pulled into the air by a boat. As you soar above the water, relax, enjoy the spectacular view of the pristine waters of Table Rock Lake. The screams you will hear over the pristine waters of the lake are not because the novice sky flyer is panicked but rather due to the thrill and excitement he is enjoying in the air.

outdoor fun in Branson4. Taking a Tour with the Branson Limousine

Taking a tour with the Branson Limousine is one of the most relaxing outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Branson. With this limousine tour, you’ll be treated to a smooth ride around the area in one of a variety of comfortable vehicles, including a gleaming white, super-stretch Lincoln Town Car limousine which is beautifully outfitted with plush black leather seating. Offered for luxurious tours by Branson Limousine are Excursion limousine, Executive Suburban, and a standard size Lincoln Town Car.

Branson Limousine offers a two-hour scenic tour which allows you to see historic downtown Branson, the Ozarks Mountains and other beautiful spots or you can opt for an extension tour like spending a day in Eureka Springs and enjoy a great time in the area up to 4 hours. A whole day tour with Branson Limousine can also be enjoyed with a visit to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas up to 4 hours at the museum or a total of 8 hours with two hours drive time each way.

5. Taking a ride with the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train

As one of the most visited attractions in Branson, Silver Dollar City is a great place where you can enjoy many thrilling rides, great food, and tons of craft items that you can buy direct from demonstrating craftsmen and artisans. No place like Silver Dollar City in Branson that brings the family together enjoying the fun from over 40 thrilling rides, entertainment shows, and a chance to see fantastic views around the theme park by riding on Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train.

The exciting ride with the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train will take you through the beautiful Ozark countryside for a 20-minute scenic tour. The train will travel near the Frisco Freight Barn and over the train trestle near the Silver Dollar Saloon. In the middle of the train journey, you will experience an incident where train robbers board the train to rob. So watch out and hold on to your valuables.

When you are planning to spend a wonderful vacation with the whole family in Branson, don’t miss to try these five relaxing outdoor activities in this most visited vacation destination in the Midwest.


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