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6 Family-Friendly Activities in Branson MO

Date: 2019-10-02 12:00:00 am

6 Family-Friendly Activities in Branson MO


Known to many tourists as one of the most favorite vacation spots in the Midwest, Branson is such a fascinating place to enjoy many things such as world-class live entertainment shows, exciting attractions, great museums, and many family-friendly activities. If you want to experience a fantastic vacation with the entire family, be sure to try these 6 family-friendly activities in Branson.

1. Visit Table Rock State Park to enjoy family-friendly activities

If you want to enjoy truly exciting family-friendly activities in Branson, you should try some fun activities at Table Rock State Park. This 356-acre park draws thousands of visitors each year that come from around the country to enjoy great fun activities such as hiking, biking, camping, picnic, and horseback riding.

The park has two great trails that include Chinquapin Trail and Table Rock Lakeshore Trail. At Chinquapin Trail, you will find it exciting to enjoy a stroll in the lakeside where you’re sure to appreciate spectacular sceneries. You’ll also enjoy hiking or biking at Table Rock Lakeshore Trail.

2. Enjoy water fun activities at Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is one of the most popular attractions in Branson where many vacationers want to spend the day to enjoy family-friendly activities as the lake offers endless opportunities to enjoy exciting fun activities on the water.

The clean and crystal clear waters of the lake make it perfect for water enthusiasts to go for a swim, rent a boat or cruise the lake with the Showboat Branson Belle or go parasailing with the American Parasail. This beautiful lake is also perfect for cove-hopping, fishing, surfing, kayaking, diving, and more.

Silver Dollar City theme park 3. Spend a day at Silver Dollar City theme park

Silver Dollar City is one of the most visited attractions in Branson as this beautiful theme park is home to more than 30 rides, over 100 demonstrating craftsmen, and a variety of entertaining shows. This 1880s theme park is a favorite place to enjoy many family-friendly activities in Branson.

Young tots will find it exciting if they play at Half Dollar Holler which is ideally designed for pint-sized fun activities while the big kids will be thrilled to ride thrilling coasters like Outlaw Run or Wildfire. Known to host many world-class festivals, Silver Dollar City also hosts a variety of special shows, performances, and themed events.

4. Have a great time in a fun park

The Track Family Fun Park is another popular family attraction in Branson that features thrilling rides in four fun-filled locations. The park is the perfect place to enjoy family-friendly activities such as thrilling rides in go-karts like the Heavy Metal High Rise, Wild Woody, and the Lumber Jack.

Aside from the fun ride activity with the go-karts, you can also enjoy a fun ride with bumper cars, bumper boats equipped with super-soakers, a 100-foot-tall super swing, the incredible Skycoaster, and many other thrilling rides. With the park’s 14 different go-kart tracks, anyone can choose any ride that is ideal to your age and height.

5. See a Kid-Friendly Show

Branson is a great vacation paradise that offers plenty of family-friendly activities. One of these activities is seeing a kid-friendly show. If you’re searching for a show that will captivate your kid’s heart, you must try these three options: Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede & Dinner Show, The Haygoods, and Grand Country’s Amazing Pets.

The Dixie Stampede & Dinner Show combines great food with trick-riding, friendly rivalries, and spectacular music and comedy. The Haygoods is a fantastic show because of their youthful, energetic and modern show that appeals to younger generations. The Amazing Pets Show is a good pick because it features amazing animals where some are rescued dogs and cats performing a variety of special tricks.

6. Visit Animal Attractions in Branson

Animals are some of the things that kids love to see and hug. This is great for kids as there are several attractions in Branson that allow them to see animals up-close. The Promised Land Zoo is a beautiful attraction in Branson that is home to hundreds of rare and endangered animals.

The National Tiger Sanctuary is another animal attraction in Branson where you can see exotic animals such as Bengal Tigers, Siberian Tigers, and African Lions. Another unique attraction in Branson is Branson’s Wild World which combines a zoo and aquarium. Here you can feed some sea and land creatures.

 So, if you want to bring your kids to visit popular attractions in Branson, don’t forget to try these 6 family-friendly activities as they can give you an awesome vacation.

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