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7 Winter Branson Shows that Will Surely Keep Your Hearts Warm

Date: 2020-01-24 12:00:00 am

7 Winter Branson Shows that Will Surely Keep Your Hearts Warm


The cold weather that everybody can experience during wintertime doesn’t dampen the spirits of winter shows in Branson.

With Branson’s mild temperatures during the winter season, you can still enjoy things such as great shows, attractions, shopping, and fine dining at any time of day. So, don’t stay home and feel the winter blues. Come out and watch these seven winter Branson shows that will surely keep your hearts warm.

Grand Jubilee Show is one of the most sought after winter shows in Branson as it brings you some of the best entertainment to greet 2020. The show will feature powerful harmonies and dynamic performance of New South, Branson’s best quartet. From country and gospel songs to rock & roll favorites, the Grand Jubilee surpasses expectations of any age. This variety show features the best in classic and modern country music. With its scintillating musical contents, your eyes will undoubtedly focus on the energetic performers.

Comedy Jamboree Show is another winter show to watch this season where you’re surely be impressed by the funniest comedians in Branson. Comedy Jamboree will make you laugh over and over again. Some of the audience members can have the opportunity to participate on stage. There are times that the guests steal the show. The Jamboree singers will rock you with kickin’ music and outstanding talents and showmanship. From hilarious, clean comedy and floor-pounding dancing to today’s country hits and gospel songs, Comedy Jamboree is a show not miss.

Opening on the first week of January, the Petersen Family Bluegrass Band is a unique winter show in Branson, where stage performers enjoy blending their voices and instruments to please everyone. See Katie plays fiddle breaks and tunes while Ellen stimulates the band with her one-of-a-kind hot pink Hopkins banjo. You also get to enjoy the moment with Matthew as he plays rhythm guitar and bass along with his father. Young Julianne, the sweetheart of the family, will capture the hearts of audiences with her solo vocals and fiddle tunes with her older sister. Karen, the mom of the family, plays mandolin to the mix to complete the bluegrass sound.

It-starring the Hughes BrothersThe “It-starring the Hughes Brothers,” which is set to open in the third week of January, will present a fresh, fun, innovative “it” show – although just a small word, it’s a big show. This unique show in Branson features over 50 amazing singers, dancers, and musicians and will combine their amazing talents to create Branson’s Ultimate Entertainment Experience. You will surely enjoy melodious harmonies, hilarious comedy, soaring powerful vocals, scintillating multi-layered musical arrangements of the best in pop, classical, country, and gospel music. The “it” show is put together with top-notch music, lighting, costumes, and a fantastic rendition of each performer.

The Dixie Stampede Christmas Show is another Branson winter show that transforms the venue into a winter wonderland and brings the spirit of Christmas. This Christmas show features a live nativity scene, where the three kings atop real camels come to see baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Twinkling lights, poinsettias, and old-fashioned holiday costumes will put you in good cheer as Good Ole St. Nick arrives in an authentic sleigh full of presents. As you watch a live nativity scene, you can see snow falls softly.

The Acrobats of China and the New Shanghai Circus is a must-watch winter show in Branson as the incredibly talented Chinese acrobats perform unbelievable stunts, graceful trapeze acts, and stunning aerial ballet routines. This circus show features a unique blend of festive costumes, mind-blowing acrobatic acts, and holiday music that is sure to give audiences an enjoyable experience. This popular show delights viewers with death-defying stunts and acrobatic tricks. See more than 40 performers contort their bodies, perform aerial ballet, walk a trapeze, and much, much more.

Christmas on the Trail Chuckwagon Dinner Show at the Shepherd of the Hills is a unique winter show in Branson that offers a memorable holiday experience with a delicious chuckwagon dinner and exciting entertainment. Guests will find it amusing if they take a 2.5-mile journey to Branson Christmas lights and down the Trail of Lights. They will finish off the evening with a warm cup of coffee, spiced cider, and hot chocolate. Don’t miss to come up to the Inspiration Tower at the Shepherd of the Hills where you can see the bird’s eye view of Branson at night.

With the mild weather that you can experience during the cold season, don’t miss the opportunity to watch winter shows in Branson that will keep you warm.


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