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A Lovely Day at the Most Romantic Museum in Branson

Date: 2019-01-25 12:00:00 am

A Lovely Day at the Most Romantic Museum in Branson


The Titanic Museum can be considered one of the most visited Valentine’s day attractions in Branson where you’ll find it great to fall in love again with your loved one.

Feel as if you are traveling back in time as you walk through the Grand Staircase, the hallway and the cabin accommodations. This favorite Valentine’s day attraction in Branson honors and shares the stories of those who were onboard on its tragic maiden voyage that has fascinated the world for more than a century. Those passengers who perished and those who survived, are memorialized in the displays, special events, and holiday celebrations held throughout the year.

Valentine's day attractions in BransonThe museum offers guests a wonderful two-hour, walk-through interactive experience which features everything from authentic artifacts to news coverage from the time of disaster to personal items from passengers who were aboard the Titanic. No matter what time of year you decide to get onboard the Titanic, you’re sure to appreciate the most famous ship ever to sail the ocean.

So, don’t miss to spend a lovely day at the most romantic museum in Branson.  The Titanic Museum offers every guest more than just a typical museum, featuring souvenir items, offering different activities like walking the grand staircase, the hallways, first class cabins, the bridge, and even touching an iceberg.

As visitor to the museum, you can have the opportunity to step into the Captain’s bridge and get the chance to learn how to send an SOS signal and see equipments such as the steering wheel, the mapping table, and the compass. The museum also features ‘TotTanic’ ship simulation where you can have the opportunity to use a real ship-steering wheel and telemotor that are similar to those used on the actual Titanic ship.

This interactive experience will be felt around the last 37 seconds before the ship hit the iceberg. The purpose of the simulation is to avoid the iceberg by using both the steering wheel and telemotor to turn the ship to avoid the impact.

The Titanic Museum has a memorial wall that features the names of 2,208 Titanic passengers and their stories. Out of the total passengers, 133 of them were children. Their experiences, thoughts, and feelings are recreated in the remarkable display of countless exhibits and artifacts. The museum also features a gallery that houses over 400 personal items from passengers. These items have been on display for the first time ever in the museum.

The Titanic Museum also features a gift shop where you can enjoy unique shopping of souvenir items that are mostly related to historical treasure and priceless artifacts of RMS Titanic. Explore the Titanic Store if you want to own some of the exceptional replicas of select artifacts, collectibles, giftware, and jewelries. Get the chance to own collectibles such as Titanic Coal, Titanic Newspapers, Titanic Coins, and Titanic Ship Replicas.

As a favorite Valentine’s day attraction in Branson, the Titanic Museum is a great place to enjoy a lovely day with your loved one.


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