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A Musical Train Ride along the Ozark’s Countryside

Date: 2017-01-07 12:00:00 am

A Musical Train Ride along the Ozark’s Countryside


Frisco Sing-Along Steam TrainThe Frisco Sing-Along Steam Train at Silver Dollar City is a great outdoor attraction in Branson that will let you experience a musical train ride along the Ozark’s countryside. A favorite outdoor attraction at Silver Dollar City, this 20-minute train excursion comes complete with a visit from Grandpa, and his story of the Christ Child’s birth. Midway through the train journey (while the train builds up steam for the last leg of the trip) train robbers would come up to interrupt your ride with some amusing antics.


The guests on the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train can experience a slow moving ride through the park. In the middle of the train ride, guests may experience a show where train robbers try their best to climb up on the train, but guests are saved just in time by the conductor, who tricked the robbers into looking for “Yankees”. During the festival of the Old Time Christmas, the train is decked-out in lights and becomes the Frisco Sing-Along Steam Train. The train robber act is replaced by Grandpa telling the Christmas story.

This outdoor attraction at Silver Dollar City uses three tank steam locomotives, two numbered 13 and 43 built by Orenstein & Koppel in Germany in 1934 and 1938, and one numbered 76 built in 1940 by Kolben-Danek in Czechoslovakia. Frisco Sing-Along Steam Train is one of the oldest attractions at Silver Dollar City. The Christmas version of the train ride replaces the robbers scene with a retelling of the Christmas story. Furthermore, the entire train route is decked out with Christmas lights and decorations, and you are encouraged to join in a Christmas Carol sing-a-long during the train ride.

Finally, the guests will head over to the Frisco Sing-Along Steam Train. Normally, this outdoor attraction at Silver Dollar City provides a 20-minute ride through the Ozark countryside. Guests will experience a wonderful train excursion, with beautiful tunnels of Christmas lights, fun songs, and a warm presentation of the Christmas story. This exciting train journey is the perfect exclamation point for a great park visit.

Other entertaining outdoor attractions at Silver Dollar City include American Plunge where riders experience a 50-foot drop at speeds of 35 miles an hour; Electro Spin where riders sit facing outward with chests against a padded panel while riding a rotational vehicle that spins at high speed on a 50-foot U-shaped track; Elephant March where riders sit in an elephant-shaped vehicle that revolves around a central machine; Fire-in-the-Hole (the park’s first and oldest roller coaster) where guests ride in a dark building with scenes that tell of a town set ablaze by the Baldknobbers overnight; Flooded Mine where guests ride in a dark building that resembles an old broken down mine; and Elsie the Milk Cow (a fake cow with udders that allow guests to pull and retrieve their own “milk”.

The Frisco Sing-Along Steam Train at Silver Dollar City will take you into a musical train journey along the Ozark’s countryside.

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