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A Night Full of Comedy and Bluegrass Music

Date: 2018-09-14 12:00:00 am

A Night Full of Comedy and Bluegrass Music


Paul Harris & The Cleverlys will return once again to Branson stage to perform for one night full of hilarious comedy and bluegrass music. As one of the most beloved and popular Branson shows, Paul Harris & The Cleverlys will deliver a unique brand of humor and one-of-a-kind brand of comedy that will keep the audiences rolling in the aisles. As a featured comedian in the popular Pierce Arrow show, Paul took the live entertainment show in Branson by storm – inspiring fans of all ages during his multi-year run with the show.
Branson showsPaul Harris would go on to achieve even more popularity, fame and as lead singer and performer of The Cleverlys – a music group and internet sensation that racked up millions of views on YouTube and Facebook with their fascinating bluegrass renditions of some of today’s hottest songs. With their instantly recognizable sound and recreation of your favorite songs, this musical group will continues to inspire audiences with their country/bluegrass/rockabillty style of entertainment.
Don’t miss to hear these performers as they share some of your favorite songs in this one-night-only event that is sure to leave you laughing, singing along, and bring home memories of the evening long after the curtain has closed. Led by comedian and entertainer Paul Harris, this Branson show is a sure hit for audiences as great sounds, comedy, and bluegrass music come to life on Branson stage. 
Known for his knee slapping comedy and country music styling, Paul Harris provides audiences an amazing first class entertainment in Branson that is mixed with bluegrass music of The Cleverlys. During the show, everyone in the audience can expect him to sing a range of country genres including gospel, popular country, and patriotic tunes. With their incredible music and hilarious comedy, you are sure to be amazed as Paul Harris perform hilarious stand-up act paired with bluegrass sensations of The Cleverlys.
Get prepared to be showered with laughter for the first half of the show in which veteran entertainer and comedian Paul Harris reels you in with animated stories about his upbringing in the backwoods of Arkansas. The funny guy on this Branson show will use his southern charm and impersonations to tackle all kinds of topics throughout his family-friendly comedy set of 45 minutes. 
This amazing performer brings a handful of new material to the show when he performs for second, third or fourth time visits. These performers spend the entirety of the second half of the show playing a new kind of bluegrass that you’ve never heard before. The Cleverlys will wow you with their twangy arrangements of today's hits from artists like Lady Gaga and the Red Hot Chili Peppers all the way back to your favorites from the 60's and 70's.
Paul Harris & The Cleverlys featuring hilarious comedy and bluegrass music, is an amazing Branson show you don’t want to miss. Once you stop in for a visit, you’ll want to see them again on your next visit to Branson.



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