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A One of a Kind Cirque Show in Branson

Date: 2018-07-12 12:00:00 am

A One of a Kind Cirque Show in Branson


Janice Martin Cirque Show is one of a kind Branson show that delivers high-flying fun at the Starlite Theatre this 2018 season. Janice Martin is the only Aerial Acrobatic Violinist in the world that takes you on an enchanting magical, musical, and aerial journey. 
Branson showA Juilliard trained acrobatic violin performer, Janice is joined by her Cirque family of singers, aerialists, jugglers, magicians, and more. This is the only Cirque show in the world that features Country to Rock, Broadway to Pop and even a little light classical and where every performer has an extraordinary musical talent matched with a breathtaking circus skill. 
In this incredible Branson show, you will see the jaw-dropping and the only aerial acrobatic violin performance by Janice Martin. You’re sure to be inspired with the old-fashioned fun, fall in love with it, and be awed by this fascinating epic production, where this kind of show has never been seen in Branson before. 
This Cirque Show received various awards that include Winning Best 2017 Matinee Show of the Year, Best 2017 New Show of the Year, and the 2017 Female Entertainer of the Year. The show has improved the elements that audiences have enjoyed the most for this new 2018 production.
In addition to the masterfully performed acrobatics and musical skills, this new 2018 production of Janice Martin Cirque Show will amaze everyone in the audience with more magical illusions and special effects, leaving you dumbfounded and will make you talk about it to your friends. 
You’ll see characters appear and disappear, you’ll be amazed to see pianos float, and you will experience many “how’d they do that?” moments. The energetic musical performances and aerial stunts featured in the show will stun and delight everyone in the audience.
In this brand new Janice Martin Cirque Show: A Magical, Musical & Aerial Extravaganza, you’ll see electricity in the air and a buzz during the entire show. People in the audience are often heard saying phrases like “something totally unique”, “world-class level performances” and even “creative genius” about this amazing new show in Branson. 
This new Janice Martin Cirque Show truly does have “world-class level” performances of cirque, country, pop, rock, magic, comedy and symphony that transport the audience to another realm to give an unforgettable experience.
Janice Martin has enjoyed much success in her career. Martin learned to play piano at age 4 and violin at age 5. In later years, she won the heralded Fiddler of the Year award, prizes at the Washington International Competition, the Young Artist International Competition, as well as the Career Award Grant by the National Endowment for the Arts. 
Martin was introduced to Branson audience while playing as a special guest in “Fiery Fiddles” at the World Fest at Silver Dollar City.  She then went on to become the headlining act at the Showboat Branson Belle in Branson MO for 6 years.
Combined with highly impressive vocals, acrobatics, piano and violin playing, Janice Martin is sure to delight all ages. So, don’t miss to see this unique Branson show.



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