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A Perfect Store for Victorian Fanatics

Date: 2016-06-26 12:00:00 am

A Perfect Store for Victorian Fanatics


Patricia’s Victorian HousePatricia’s Victorian Store is a nice shopping place in Branson that offers furniture and decors that will make you appreciate the Victorian era. If you are looking for an elegant and beautiful Victorian furniture and great décor, Patricia’s Victorian House is the place to shop. The store is beautifully located next to Dick’s 5&10 near the Old Branson bank building at the corner of Main Street and Commercial Street. When you find the only striped pink awnings and bright green door in Historic Downtown Branson, you’ll know you’ve located the right place.

This great shopping store is filled from floor to ceiling with handmade décor such as lace runners and curtains, hand-painted items signed by artists, silk floral arrangements, vintage clothing and more, and even the most picky collector is sure to find something to suit his or her taste. As you step into the door of Patricia’s Victorian House, you’ll feel as if you are brought back into the late 1800’s and you’ll feel easy to spend hours in this store by browsing the huge collection of Victorian ornamental merchandise. The store also accepts custom orders for those who have upcoming special event that needs special and decorative touch to the merchandise they order.

This unique store for Victorian fanatics is so elegant and has a dazzling array of Victorian-style furnishings for the home, jewelry, great décor, hair accessories, and clothes. You’ll find clothes in this boutique with beautiful lace, embroidery, and little jewels that are sprinkled that can be described as “fairy-tale” clothing. You’ll find in this store a gorgeous deep lavender dress, gauzy-lacy jacket, a persimmon colored dress accented with rosettes. Everything in the store is of good quality and its pricing fit the standard perfectly. For ladies, they are sure to find the things awesome of the clothing they purchase in this boutique.

If Victorian is your style, this is the place to visit as you will find great furnishings and lampshades but mostly decorator items, framed era pictures and clothing abound. As you step into the store, you will see many beautiful things in one place and you will find it hard to choose, but it’s sure that you can find what you want. The store also has many fluffy blankets, small ones and big ones for babies. These blankets are some of the best in the world.

Patricia’s Victorian Store also has great features of reproduction furniture, dollars, pictures and the most impressive wall flower arrangements that you won’t probably ever see anywhere. The Victorian cabbage roses are the theme of these flower arrangements. These are expensive but they are worth the price as you will not find anything similar without searching extensively. These wall flower arrangements are amazing that you won’t find anything like them anywhere else.

If you are a fan of Victorian merchandise, visit Patricia’s Victorian House in Branson where you will see lots and lots of frilly doilies, lace curtains, knick-nacks, pictures, dolls and many more.

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