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A Piece of China in the Heart of Branson

Date: 2017-02-19 12:00:00 am

A Piece of China in the Heart of Branson


Chinese Restaurants in BransonBranson has plenty of Chinese restaurants that can give you a satisfying dining experience with the best of the Chinese cuisines. Known for its world-class live entertainment shows, exciting attractions, great water activities in pristine lakes with crystal clear waters, Branson is where local and tourists alike would love to spend a wonderful escapade at any given time of year. While you are spending a great time in Branson, why not try a piece of oriental dish in the Heart of Branson at some of the best Chinese restaurants such as Hongkong Buffet, Great Wall Chinese Super Buffet, and Panda House.

Beautifully located at W 76 Country Blvd. in Branson, Hongkong Buffet offers a great variety of Chinese cuisines that can give you a satisfying meal. The food served in this restaurant is absolutely great and truly delectable. The food served in the buffet are always delicious with above average taste. The servers are attentive to guests’ requests in a friendly manner and the food options are appealing and awesome.

With Hongkong Buffet, you are sure to enjoy lots of great dishes for a fair price, especially for a family looking to balance the budget of dining in Branson. The food presentation in the buffet is great and well beyond the typical buffet. Everything that is served in the buffet is fresh and delicious. Their real tasty chicken fried rice and the rice noodles, along with grilled steak are the dishes that you shouldn’t miss to order.

Great Wall Chinese Super Buffet and Mongolian BBQ in Branson has become a favorite gathering place for locals and tourists alike looking for an abundance of fresh Chinese cuisine and Mongolian BBQ. In this Chinese buffet restaurant, you will find four expansive food bars as well as a generously stocked and clean Mongolian BBQ bar that offers guests the option to enjoy freshly grilled entrees with a variety of sauces.

Great Wall Chinese Super Buffet offers great Chinese cuisines such as Steamed Dumplings, Cheesy Shrimp and dim sum, shrimp, pot stickers, chicken and beef entrees as well as an assortment of fresh sushi and a well-stocked dessert bar including cakes, bananas, cookies, puddings, soft-serve ice creams, and fresh fruit. The dinner buffet features mussels, crab legs, and shrimp.

Located at State Hwy 248 in Branson, Panda House is another great Chinese restaurant that offers lots of delicious Chinese dishes. The food served in this Chinese restaurant is always fresh and tasty and lots of options offered. The staff in this restaurant is always attentive to make you enjoy a good basic Chinese buffet. Panda House in Branson is a great Chinese restaurant to order teriyaki chicken, lo mein, and mixed veggies. The teriyaki chicken offered in this restaurant is chef’s specialty and nothing short of outstanding.

If you want to savor the taste of Chinese cuisine, try some of the best Chinese restaurants in Branson where you can enjoy and experience the real taste of Chinese food.

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