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A Place where Fun Never Ends

Date: 2017-05-21 07:00:00 pm

A Place where Fun Never Ends


attractions in BransonFamily Fun Factory is one of the most exciting family-friendly attractions in Branson that provides never ending fun for visitors of all ages. Beautifully located at 2400 State Highway 165, The Family Fun Factory is great for kids and parents. It’s a fun place for everyone as it features four indoor themed rooms and an unbelievably fun 18-hole glow in the dark miniature golf course and a laser tag arena. Once you have tested your putting skills on the mini golf course, be sure to test your laser tag skills in the newly renovated 3500 square foot laser tag arena. This interactive quest is sure to give you ultimate fun and memories.
This Family Fun Factory in Branson can host a party of your choice. This place can accommodate any size group offering 2 party rooms. It is great for birthdays, church groups, family reunions, school field trips and rewards, and yes even company parties. At the Family Fun Factory, you will hear what a proud mother wrote about her experience – “OK, admittedly I wouldn’t choose to visit Branson and play mini-golf or lazer tag, but my boys would. Ages 12, 10, 8, this was a favorite activity in Branson. They loved the lazer tag. Mini golf was indoor, in a black-lit room with surprisingly talented artwork around the building. Definitely unique, but more important, fun for the kids.”
The Family Fun Factory in Branson is home to mini golf, laser tag and a game room. The “Glow in the Dark” mini golf course features four different themes within the 18 holes – the Enchanted Forest, the Volcano and Treasure Chest room, the Dragon’s Nursery, and the Under Sea Adventure. The 3,000+ square feet laser tag arena features many different games that include team mode, capture the flag, anarchy, solo and team elimination, inkling the newest game “insanity” and state of the art equipments. The arena can accommodate up to 16 people at one time. You will know your vital stats after the score card is shown at the end of each game.
Family Fun Factory is a youth and family oriented business. The real fun thing about this place is everything is done under black light, giving you a very unique mini golf experience. This is probably the most unusual mini-golf course in Branson. The laser tag arena is such a fun place, the kids are sure to enjoy all the fun trying to outrun each other.
If you just want to play mini-golf or laser tag, the cost is only $7 per person, groups rates are also offered, so be sure to inquire if you have lots of people coming with you. The Family Fun Factory also features a game room where you can enjoy the fun even more if the mini-golf and laser tag is not enough for you.
So, if you are looking for a place that offers the most family-friendly attractions in Branson, visit the Family Fun Factory as it provides never ending fun for the whole family.



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