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A Shopping Trip You Will Never Forget

Date: 2015-11-29 12:00:00 am

A Shopping Trip You Will Never Forget


At the Grand Village Shops you will enjoy a unique shopping experience in more than two dozens shops that offer everything you need. The place is the best kept shopping secret in Branson that covers an area of 50,000-square-foot. This retail center in Branson was acquired by a private investor group led by Evanston, Illinois-based CenterCore Properties which include principals of Branson-based Commercial One Brokers. Beautifully located in Branson’s famous entertainment district, the Grand Village Shops is home to a mix of retail shops including the new Back In Time Toys, Sugar Leaf Bakery & Café, Hard Luck Diner, Serendipity: Jewelry Arts & Whimsy, Dickens Gift Shoppe, and many more.

Back In Time Toys is the newest addition to Grand Village Shops where you can find old toys that give joy to children. Some toys in this shop are old, some are reproductions, but you’re sure to love remembering your childhood memories with your children. If you are looking for treats with homemade goodness, you can find it at Sugar Leaf Bakery & Café at the Grand Village Shops. Come and enjoy one of their award-winning sandwiches, desserts, or flavored Iced Teas that will knock your socks off. The café also serves breakfast treats that starts at 9am. The next time you go shopping in Branson, make Sugar Leaf Bakery & Café a must visit.

Your shopping at Grand Village is not complete without tasting at least one delicious meal from Mel’s Hard Luck Diner. Home of original singing servers in Branson, the restaurant’s cashiers, hosts, and cooks are also professional singers, songwriters, and musicians. Mel’s Hard Luck Diner offers every visitor a memorable dining experience seasoned with great entertainment. At Mel’s, you can choose one of your favorites from the full service menu which ranges from country fried steak to shrimp to pot roast. To enjoy your meal, you can top it off with one of their famous Root Beer Malts and one of Branson’s biggest banana split.

If wearing jewelry is your passion, Serendipity Jewelry & Whimsy is the place to go to buy unique, one-of-a-kind, and affordable jewelry. To enjoy full satisfaction, Serendipity incorporates lapidary arts, wire wrapping, metalsmithing, beading, steampunk, metal casting, and more. What you won’t find at Serendipity are overpriced, over marketed, imported, and trademarked brand names that every jewelry store in the country carries.

Dickens Gift Shoppe that you will find at the Grand Village is more than just a souvenir shop. This shopping spot features lawn and garden décor and offers jams, jellies, and other sweet treats including their Famous Cream and Butter Fudge. Choose some of their best flavors featuring Snickers, Tiger Butter, and Mint Chocolate Swirl, just to name a few. Dickens Gift Shoppe also makes Sucrose Free, made with Splenda. They also make special flavors for different seasons, like Pumpkin Pie made during Fall.

If you want to experience a shopping trip that you will never forget, visit Branson’s best kept shopping secret at The Grand Village Shops.

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