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A Show Under the Stars

Date: 2016-04-30 12:00:00 am

A Show Under the Stars


Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor DramaShepherd of the Hills derived  its name from a famous book written by Harold Bell Wright. The book was first published in 1907 and it became the most widely read publication in Missouri. The book featured many interesting stories describing the Ozarks region with unique characters of the story that have drawn thousands of readers. The book still continues to inspire people up to this time, giving them the opportunity to know the story about the people and its characters who once lived in the Ozarks.

This summer season, the Shepherd of the Hills will feature an outdoor drama in an open air under the stars. The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama will bring to life the story and its characters that were featured in the famous book of Mr. Wright. The Outdoor Drama at the Shepherd of the Hills will start every night at 8pm from May through October. The drama is a reenactment of the story in the book.

The drama is about the story of Dad Howitt, a newcomer to the Ozarks with a kind heart but with a troubled past. The past and future life of Dad Howitt was deeply interconnected with the native people in the Ozarks. Some of the natives in the Ozarks include Old Matt, a giant mountain man with sad memories;  Sammy Lane, a beautiful backwood girl with the mind of a lady but with a spirit of a rebel; Little Pete, a boy with a surprising parentage; and many other folks in the hills.

With the setting of the story in the late 1800s, it will bring visitors many twists and turns that will leave them confused about the things to happen next. Actors and actresses are not only featured in the beautiful drama, but also horses.  Wash Gibbs who is a well-known troublemaker in the neighborhood will show a good impression when he rides a big white horse (known as Egor) around the barn. A horse with blue eyes Ace and Twister with a crooked ear, portray both as Baldknobber horses. Beautiful lad Sammy Lane will make a quite entrance riding on her white pony Smokie.

The set in the open field of the Outdoor Drama at the Shepherd of the Hills is huge and wide. It is also beautifully laid out in such a way that every audience can enjoy a comfortable seat in the amphitheater. The venue of the show features an open square dancing floor, an antique gristmill, a steam engine replica, a small cabin, and many more. It also features many entrances that will keep audience wonder where to enter to see the characters. Your visit to Shepherd of the Hills, will give you the opportunity to enjoy a homestead tour in a tram that will take you around the set of the outdoor drama.

So, if you want to see a famous outdoor drama portrayed from the famous book of Harold Bell Right, visit the Shepherd of the Hills in Branson.

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