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A Sweeter Autumn Vacation with St. James Winery

Date: 2018-08-14 12:00:00 am

A Sweeter Autumn Vacation with St. James Winery


St. James Winery in Branson is a great place to visit if you want to experience a sweeter autumn vacation in the Ozarks. This winery in Branson was opened in 1970 by Jim and Pat Hofherr and made wines that were easy to drink and easy to share with friends and family. 
The grapes that were grown by Missouri’s historic Meramec Highlands wineries in the 1800s were re-established by the Hofherr family and they used them to make flavourful wines that are unique in Missouri. Since then, the winery has given Missouri wineries a national profile, winning hundreds of medals and becoming the fifth largest winery east of the Rocky Mountains.
winery in BransonSt. James winery’s one and only focus has always been to make delicious wine to share their experiences in a bountiful region where it is located. This winery in Branson is proud to be the most awarded winery in Missouri and among the top five most award-winning wineries in the country. 
It’s a great recognition, but they don’t do this for the awards – but for you. St. James Winery always maintains its sustainability. The viticulturists in the winery consistently review and implement new practices to reduce the environmental footprint of the winery while still preserving the quality that’s made the wine a favorite in Missouri.
This award-winning winery in Branson has produced unique regional wines for nearly 50 years. The hard work in the winery and vineyards has paid off. St. James Winery is now the largest and most awarded winery in Missouri. 
The winery is consistent as one of the top five gold medal winning wineries in the country. Every after competition, it shows the quality of their wines. It’s the location in Meramec Highlands that provide excellent winemaking conditions unlike any other region in the world – and it’s not an exaggeration.
The unique soil in the vineyards and the distinctive weather patterns in the area are exactly what the winery need to make wines that continue to win the hearts of wine lovers from around the world. The vineyard of St. James Winery makes for a perfect stop on any exploration. Around the area you will find beautiful sceneries such as spring-fed streams and hiking trails making the place a fantastic getaway destination.
Aside from making award-winning wines, St. James Winery also offers first “winery dining” in Branson. When you dine at St. James Winery & Restaurant, you can get the chance to taste those award-winning St. James wines while you enjoy a superb dining experience in one location. 
The eclectic menu offered by the restaurant features dishes created with popular ingredients, perfectly prepared to satisfy your taste buds and presented with an elegant flair and suitedly paired with your favorite wines including St. James’s award-winning wines such as Velvet Red, Vignoles, Riesling, Cynthiana, and many others.
If you want to experience a sweeter autumn vacation in the Ozarks, visit St. James Winery in Branson and enjoy unique dining experience that is perfectly paired with St. James award-winning wines.



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